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Why I Believe “Patience Is A Virtue” is B.S Advice…

-Why I Believe -Patience Is A Virtue- is B.S Advice...- (2)

Did your parents ever tell you “Good Things Take Time” or “Patience is a Virtue” ?

It’s Bullshit Advice!

Ok so this is controversial and perhaps even offensive to one of the most famous motivational speakers out there.

I may receive a lot of critics and haters after this but that doesn’t stop me from genuinely helping you.

Let me tell you that for over 2 Years, I believed this principle and kept working average.

Doing average work, average deals, etc.

It was when I came across Grant Cardone that I realised that what I was doing is literally what’s fucking me up.

I believe that when you’re in a rush or a hurry, you get things done!

When you’re at a desperate point and want to make money, you’ll get things done!

Fuck that “you’re young, take it slow” B.S

That is shit my teachers used to tell me in School.

“Hey Ace, take it slow – don’t start a business now, you’re too young – start it after your atleast 21 years old”

Now, this is PURE B.S.

Every Since I met Grant Cardone and my Mentor, I always lived my life in a hurry.

I go to places quick, buy things quick, avoid wasting time on making decisions and make them quick, and even make money quick.

How do you make money “quick”?

Is it even possible?

Absolutely, the formula to make money quick is to be quick.

If you want something, work more and more and test everything out until you get what you want.

Fuck your age, it doesn’t even matter.

A 12yr old refused to take $50 million dollars to sell his company the other day, how old are you now?

Things that don’t matter: –

  1. Your Race.
  2. Your Age.
  3. Your “swag”.
  4. Your Looks.

Of course, looks, age and swag might matter but they only matter 5%, here’s the list of things that DO MATTER:-

  1. Your Work Ethic.
  2. Your Approach Towards Life.
  3. Your Opportunistic Eyes.
  4. Your Persistence.
  5. Your Burning Desire.
  6. Your Faith In Yourself and Your Product.
  7. Your Skill-set.
  8. Your Teachability Index. (Are you ready to learn from someone and fully accept that whatever they say will help you?)

These are things that make 95% of your success.

Once I started being on hurry mode, and putting out 10x campaigns out there, doing 10x tests, scaling up 10x, etc.

Trust me, everything changed.

I went from being a bum to being a hero in less than 90 days once I started living this way.

Now, don’t get it twisted.

When I did join Masterminds or Watch Courses, I didn’t fast forward them lol

I did watch the entire thing with 10x attention, took notes and watched again.

Learned and Mastered skills that now enable me to make money anytime and anywhere.

Here’s the deal:-

It’s about time you stop making excuses on why you won’t succeed and start taking action.

If a guy like me can do it, you can too.

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Ace R

About The Author. Ace is the Undisputed King Of Paid Media, he specialises In driving Millions Of Visitors To Websites through Paid Traffic and Converting These Visitors Into Customers and Clients and Ultimately Generate Profits!

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  • Great article. Makes total sense to me. Just so you know, The Click Here link is not working.

    • Ace

      I was in a hurry lol, thanks Man! 🙂

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