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What exactly is C.P.A. Or Affiliate Marketing?

Hey, I totally understand if you’re super confused.

It’s confusing for anyone when people in the “Affiliate Marketing Cult” use terms like Landers, Cloaker, etc.

Do you see all of these C.P.A. or Affiliate Marketers post screenshots of big money and wonder what it is that they do?

In this post I’ll tell you what exactly C.P.A Marketing or Affiliate Marketing is and more importantly, how YOU can make money with it?

Are you excited? Let’s begin…

How Do You Make Money Online?

There’s a million scammy ways to make money online (filling out surveys, etc.) but the real way to make money online comes down to one simple formula.

Something to Sell (Product) + Someone to sell to (Market) + advertising the product to the market = $$$.

How do you find something to sell?

You could create your own course!

Well, maybe it’s really not that exciting to put in a ton of work and effort to create your own course.

That’s where Affiliate Marketing comes in.

You can actually make money WITHOUT CREATING YOUR OWN PRODUCT.


What do you do?

There’s a ton of people out there who have their own products that they want to sell to more of (Dating, Make Money Online, Real Estate Coaching, etc.).

Your job really is to pick a offer or a product and then sell it.

Overtime, you don’t even have to sell it – you jut need to find the right people that would buy your product and advertise in a effective way to them.


SELL IT? Do I need to get on the phone?

Nope, all we really do is drive paid traffic to these offers and make money.


That’s it? 

Well, nope – for the some of us that want to really make big money – we setup a simple system that converts visitors into customers.

Mostly a basic Landing Page or an Advertorial and a few follow-up E-mails.


You don’t need to :- 

1. Recruit People into your downline.

2. Beg people to buy your program.

3. Stay broke.

4. Get Overwhelmed.

5. Talk to sponsor all day asking him how to do stuff.

6. Spend the whole day in front of the computer. [I’m not against it if you love it]

And still make a killing online!

Screen Shot 2016-06-24 at 4.59.44 pm


Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 12.44.47 am

I could go on and on with these proofs but it wouldn’t matter to you.

My income really is to show you that this works,

And it not just works for me but also…




Let’s continue…

Finding people who want to buy a product is hard, but if you can persuade someone to try something for free, they are much more likely to buy something afterward.

But it’s no longer easy to persuade people to buy or join something for even free.

Back in the day, you could jut say “Hey get free access to this” and people would jump on it but these days people don’t trust “Free” offers.

That’s where we come in!

A lot of business people out there are ready to pay you a commission of $30-$50 for every free trial or $1 trial registrations you generate.

That is called “Cost Per Action” or C.P.A.

If you can run ads that persuade people to sign up to a free trial offer that pays out a good price, you can make a lot of money.


Why is he paying us $30-$50 per free trial registrant even though he makes nothing?

He’s going to make a lot of money on the backend,

He’s paying us for New Member Acquisitions.

He’s going to make atleast $200-$1k or even more if he’s a smart person.

If he’s an idiot, you’re still going to make money so who cares lol (Only problem is that the offer will go down quickly but you’ll have more cool offers to replace that one anyways).


Let me give you an Example Scenario:- 

David runs a company that sells Diet Pills and is doing fairly well, but in order to expand his business – he needs NEW CUSTOMERS!

So he offers 1 free bottle of the supplement or pills.

But, he still has to find potential users and persuade them to sign-up to his free trial, so he puts his offer up in a Affiliate Network and offers a commission of $30 for every customer that orders 1 free bottle of Diet Pills through a specific Affiliate Link.

That’s where James comes in,

He believes that he can persuade people to sign up to this trial offer.

But where’s he getting people from?

That’s where Mark Z comes in, he owns a major social network with over a billion users on it and sells advertising space on it.

James now goes to Mark Z and buys advertisement space on his Social Network and advertises the Free Diet Pills and sends them to the Company’s link where they can order a free bottle, a fair number of visitors sign-up to this free trial and choose to get the free bottle.

If it costs James less money to buy the advertising space than he can make from the people ordering the free bottles, he’s in profit!

That’s it!

No B.S. Recruiting, Sponsoring, talking to upline, begging people to join, etc.


How can I get started to make money using this specific business model?

First off, I suggest you buy my $97 training by going here!

Secondly, I want you to join my Elite Affiliate Mastermind. 

Thirdly, Commit to Greatness and crush it.




About The Author. Ace is the Undisputed King Of Paid Media, he specialises In driving Millions Of Visitors To Websites through Paid Traffic and Converting These Visitors Into Customers and Clients and Ultimately Generate Profits!

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