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Three Tips To Creating An Attractive Lead Magnet…


If you are reading this post, you’re either a newbie trying to learn how to get started or you’re a person looking to learn how to generate a lot of leads online.

I highly suggest you check out my List Building Mastery Program as It’ll show you exactly how to add 100- 10,000 new high quality leads every single day.

Now, let’s get on with the post.

What exactly is a Lead Magnet?

A lead magnet is basically a bait that you use to lure in the fish, which is in this case your target prospect.

You give them something for free in exchange for their name and E-mail so you continuously market your products and offers to them.

A Lead magnet can be anything from a free report, video series, or even a webinar.

If you run an Offline Business such as running a small restaurant or whatever, you could give away free meal coupons or whatever just to lure the audience in.

I’ve built hundreds of landing pages and offered hundreds of Lead Magnets or “Bribes” and built a huge list online and I wanted to share 4 simple tips that you can use to create a lead magnet that converts….

But, before that I want you to realise that just because you’re giving away something for free doesn’t mean it’ll be a easy thing to sell.

Not at all!

It takes effort to sell someone on something free just as it would take effort to sell someone on a premium product.

You need to have an attractive bribe or lead magnet and then have a great campaign to sell it effectively…

In this post, we’ll be speaking specifically about how you can create a lead magnet that attracts leads in less than 24 hours…

So, let’s go:-


Tip 1 : – The Lead Magnet Needs To Solve A Specific Problem.

When you’re creating a lead magnet, create something that solves a specific problem – DON’T CREATE SOMETHING THAT TRIES TO HELP THEM DO EVERYTHING!

For ex – If I was in the dog training niche, I would create a lead magnet showing people how to train their dog to walk on a leash in 30 days.

I wouldn’t create a lead magnet showing them how to train their dogs in 30 days or whatever.

Other thing, don’t create a super generic  “seven tips” style lead magnet – it doesn’t convert really well.

Find out the problems your target market is suffering from and offer a quick bullet solution to ONE OF THEM, not all.


Tip 2 – Lead Magnets That Attack People’s Fears And Are Controversial Have Higher Conversions and Also Referrals.

One lead source that is free and doesn’t require much effort is referrals.

If your lead magnet states another persons fears, insecurities, agrees with their beliefs and also stirs up controversy – your lead magnet will now spread to the persons friends list and connections.

Also….Controversial And Fear Based Headlines Convert the Most.

Let’s take the dog training product example again –

“Is your dog viciously barking at your neighbours? Follow my 3 step simple process that can help you calm your dog down…..this is stuff most “Dog Trainers” never talk about”

That would be a great headline and bribe compared to: –

“Seven tips to dog happy”

If your target market is facing a problem with barking dogs, they will react very quick to your lead magnet and opt-in.

You can stir up Controversy by bashing other dog trainers you know who teach bad systems, etc. and agreeing to the target markets beliefs.

Guess what made Donald Trump the President? Lots of Attention from the controversies he stirred up.

If they feel it is because they bought the dog from the bad breeder, speak about how buying a dog from a bad breeder can mess things up – and your target market instantly trusts you.


Tip 3 – “I Used This System To Get X Results” Headlines Perform Much Better “How To Get X Results”  Style Headlines – “Mr. X  Used This System To Get Y Results” Converts The Highest!


People are now do blindfolded to ads that they ignore anything which says “how to”, well not really lol people still pay attention to “how to do X” style posts but thats just posts lol not bribes or lead magnets.

I’ve done a lot of tests to come to a conclusion that “I Used This To Get X” style headlines work much better than “How to” headlines.

However, the grandmaster style is “Mr. X used this to get Y Results”.

Real Numbers of a Campaign I’ve run (Make Money Online Offer example)-

  1. “How To Make Money Online In Less Than 30 Days” – 1st combo  – 28%.
  2. “How I Went From Broke To Making $1,000/day In Less Than 30 Days” – 37% (Dramatic increase).
  3. “How An Ex Construction Worked Used A Simple System To Make $200/day Working From Home” – 46%.

As the test clearly shows, just by changing the angle of the lead magnet or lander headline – you can increase your lead flow and conversions.


That’s about it for this post!

Again,  check out my List Building Mastery Program by clicking here to learn how to generate 100, 1000, or even 10,000 leads every single day!


Ace. R.



About The Author. Ace is the Undisputed King Of Paid Media, he specialises In driving Millions Of Visitors To Websites through Paid Traffic and Converting These Visitors Into Customers and Clients and Ultimately Generate Profits!

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