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Profits Talk While Bullshit Walks!

There’s lots of people out there talking about how they’re making $10k  a day selling stuff.

The only problem is they never show you their adspend.

Most of these clowns don’t make shit.

Even if they, their profit margins are either non existent or low af.

Lots of these people spend $15k to make $100k.

Do you want to know how?

Spend $15k to make $8k through CPA or E-com or whatever.

Then teach people how to make $8k.

Sell High End Coaching Programs.

This is an epidemic in this industry.

People who’ve made no money make thousands of dollars teaching other people to make money.

Some of them even show people how to make thousands teaching others to make thousands…..and so on.



If a person is spending $3k/day to collect data it’s cool as long as he doesn’t do it every day lol.

Profits are what we’re in this industry for.

Not just to spend money and get it back.

If you find a campaign making you a little bit of profits or breaking even….squeeze the profits out.

Split test the colors, headlines, etc.

Reduce the bids.

Slightly Modify the copy.

Do whatever the fuck it takes to increase profits.

Profits drive a business forward.

Anyone that says wishing for profits is evil doesn’t make any money.

Cash is king especially in advertising.

Your numbers represent a lot.

Brand advertising is another word for laziness.

Most companies are now moving on to direct response advertising rather than brand advertising.

You as CPA/Affiliate Marketers must focus on the profits!

Get that paper!



Ace Reddy –  The Undisputed King Of Paid Media.

About The Author. Ace is the Undisputed King Of Paid Media, he specialises In driving Millions Of Visitors To Websites through Paid Traffic and Converting These Visitors Into Customers and Clients and Ultimately Generate Profits!

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