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It’s dumb and stupid.

One of my client messaged me yesterday and show me his convo with a person who was currently involved in an MLM Company which sells expensive backend programs. (Can’t name the program)

He asked her what her product would help people do and she goes : –

“Imagine going to a physical location to learn Digital/Internet Marketing and make more money promoting small businesses”

His reply to that was…

“What small businesses have you helped using the information you received?”

She replied “I didn’t start consulting yet but will do”

My Client: “How much have you made so far?”

Her: “$7,000”

My Client: “How did you make it? Promoting this EXACT Same Offer to others?”

Her: “Yes, it is because i’m very confident…..blah blah blah”

My Client: “Isn’t that MLM?”

Her: “No, it’s Affiliate Marketing”

My Client: “What the hell, do you understand that buying an offer and promoting it to make money is MLM?”

Her: Blah Blah…B.S Talk.

My Client: “Ok wait, do you get powerline commissions? Do you receive a commission off your downline’s signups?”

Her: “This isn’t a downline but yeah we pass up every 5th sale.”

My Client sends her this:-

Multi-level marketing (MLM) is a controversial marketing strategy in which the sales force is compensated not only for sales they generate, but also for the sales of the other salespeople that they recruit.”

According to that it clearly proves that what she’s doing is MLM.

She then goes on to defend her company and her statements and so on.

Total B.S.

Trust me guys,

Everyone is drinking the SAME FUCKING KOOL–AID!

It’s not their fault.

They’re just brainwashed by the guys who run these things.

Trust me,

The guys and leaders who run these companies are lower than pund-scums but extremely skilled manipulators.

They’ll diss people who are skeptic calling them “Negative” 

They’ll show you all these motivational videos, it’s crazy.

You ask when the product will be completed and they’ll tell you that the price increases after it’s completed and they’ll use terms like “Pre-launch”.

I can crush any company I touch honestly but I just feel guilty when I promote these B.S “Make Money Online” schemes.

Even funnier fact is that the guys who promote MLM Stuff don’t refer to it as “MLM”, they refer to it as “Affiliate Marketing” to feel better about themselves.

That is NOT Affiliate Marketing, you know what Affiliate Marketing or CPA is? Running paid traffic campaigns to custom built systems promoting other people’s offers.

The Definition of Affiliate Marketing is: –

Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts.”

Keyword there is “Business”, not “Schemes”.

There are no “Pass-ups” in an Affiliate Business. 

You keep what you make.

You Don’t Deal with Clowns Claiming To Help You Make Millions Overnight….

Oh yeah don’t forget their secret software lol

These MLM Clowns also bring on other MLM Clowns who also make money ripping people off and have them say false stories.

There’s this one guy I’ve seen since the past 4 years who keeps repeating the same story for all the companies he’s promoted, just replaces the name of the “Company” that changed his life into a new one everything.

The Majority Of Online MLM/Network Marketing is the breeding ground of Bullshit, Deceit, and lots of mislead/badly burned customers. 

With that said, I think i’m done with the post – let me go to back to playing  Titanfall.



Ace R



How To Make Big Money!

Listen guys…

If you are one of those marketers who just wants to make a quick $1-$3k/month – this post isn’t for you.

You should exit this page right now as the big numbers I’ll talk about here might scare you.

If you’re ambitious to make 5-6/day and beyond through CPA/Affiliate Marketing, this post is for you.

These are the steps to do it:-

1. Think big – the most important step in the process is to start thinking big, if you don’t think big you won’t get big results. You think making $20k/day is hard?

Guess what?

It doesn’t take a lot of extra effort to manage a $20k/day campaign than it takes to manage a $500/day campaign. How do I know?

Because, I’ve had several $20k/days.

First you need to realise the possibility and then think big.

2. You don’t need to Crawl, Walk and Then Run (B.S. Advice) – You need to start running ASAP.

You’re not L.D Caprio in the Revenant to Crawl, most of you are already good, just run.

Go Aggressive, spend hours learning techniques and strategies that can help you build a large scale business and then go implement what you learned.

3. Don’t roll with small campaigns –

There are a few niches and campaigns you can’t scale up.

Ex – Water Purifiers, calendaring, kids toys, etc.

It isn’t 100x harder to roll out a Large Scale campaign that might make you 5-6 figs, sure it’s going to take some more testing but it isn’t that hard as you probably think it is.

You can’t buy a Rolls Royce if you keep wasting your cash on Toyotas.

Niches like – Bizopp, Diet, Skincare, Gaming, etc. work really good and help you make some big cash.

4. Take this seriously-

Yep, if you really want to go big – You need to start taking this business seriously.

Most of you run this business like a “hobby”, you don’t work when you don’t want to – this is a recipe to disaster especially if you’re just starting out.

Time to dress well and get to work, and crush it! so you can reach a point in life when you don’t have to work a lot anymore.

5. Work more, not hard –

Don’t work hard.

What’s hard to you isn’t hard to me,

If something is too hard to do, find a way to outsource that.

Work more – do more things, do more tests, run more campaigns, scale up more….and so on.

Work more, time to outsource and delegate guys – get more things moving and done – don’t get stuck.

6. Build a team-

Once you make some good cash, you can just build a team – **** outsourcers.

You can’t scale up your business until you hire a team that’s working for you.

Hire people from the Phillipines to do things for you, they’re the best, (and the cheapest 😉 )

7. Gain an edge – Dominate your sector and gain unfair advantages.

Have access to resources your competitors don’t have.

Have access to private offers, better deals with advertisers, higher payouts than everyone else, etc.

Sounds like a cult? not really!

Just a differentiation factor.

Don’t be like the rest of the sheep, be unique and be as powerful and resourceful as a lion.

8. Test and Scale like a maniac- The name of the game is testing and scaling up!

The more you can test and scale up, the faster you can grow.

Of course, you need a budget for that – go out there and raise money.

From Investors, Family, or whoever.

And turn it around.

Hope you enjoyed the post.

Ace R



internet Marketing (2)

Do you know that the top 2% of Internet Marketers make 98% of the cash?

Is there a super secret conspiracy?

Is there a private meeting held every year in Switzerland where the top 2% Plot ways to make millions of dollars?

Does this group have access to over lists of over 100 million subscribers that they can E-mail to make big money everyday?


If you’ve ever wondered whether the so called “Internet Marketing Mafia” exists….let me tell you – Yes, It Does!

Are private meetings being held? – Yes.

Are people exchanging private info on one-on-one Skype Calls? – Yes.

Do people have access to huge lists of subscribers? – Yes.

Do they make 98% of the cash? – Yes.

Here’s Proof : –

Look at the Income Disclosure for two of the most major MLM Companies out there (I strongly oppose these companies btw)

Empower Network

Full disclosure at - http://www.empowernetwork.com/income

Full disclosure at – http://www.empowernetwork.com/income



Don’t you find it surprising that it’s always the same people on the leaderboards?

Aren’t you surprised when every ”Guru” gives the other “Guru” a testimonial?

Aren’t you amazed to see the Guru who ripped you off speaking Highly of another Guru who you respect?

internet Marketing (1)


What does this mean?

Here’s the thing,

There is a community out there of Super Elite Men that rule the game.

I’ll not name them but they’re the ones who sell “Push-Button” Schemes, Scammy Products and Programs, And Build Huge Downlines in Their Fraudulent  MLM Programs.

These guys are everywhere, they’re probably emailing you right now, running ads specifically to you and doing all sorts of stuff.

They might be well respected, might show you tons of social proof, might even give you great value but they’re Fraudulent people who fake screenshots, manipulate prices, control the market and are ruthless in the pursuit of profit.

They are Evil Men who are backed up by other Evil Men who are wolves in sheep’s disguise.


I’m not going to reveal names here, but these are guys that have done some of the most major launches online.

Nuff said….


But, The Real Question Is…Can Someone Make Money Without Selling Their Soul Like These Gurus?

The answer is Yes.

There are a few people in this very same community that do make a big amount of cash without ever ripping people off.

These people have access to resources and knowledge that you never know existed.

These men don’t really care about faking screenshots, manipulating prices, controlling markets and other stuff even though they have power to do so.

These are the people you must learn from.

My mentor was a part of this Elite Circle but never ripped anyone off!

He was just focused on his money and wasn’t as greedy as these other Gurus.

The techniques he taught me and the connections he’s got me were valuable than money itself.

If only, you’d have access to these techniques – You could go from Zero to Six Figures in no time!


These Gurus are the same people that sold you “Free Money” Myths….

These are the same guys that sold you on a Idea that Free Marketing exists and that SEO is the way out.

These guys are the same guys who speak about how you can make money blogging regularly…

These techniques are total B.S. and won’t generally work for the common man unless you work 20 hours a day on it.

Paid Media is king!

These gurus never speak about how you can literally buy traffic for cheap.

They won’t tell you that Traffic is never an issue.

They will never give you resources where you can go and BUY TRAFFIC FOR PENNIES!

The Internet Marketing Mafia doesn’t want you to know these secrets.

They don’t want the common man to learn these techniques and strategies and develop connections as then you’ll be successful and their Info-Businesses will Die.

If you become successful in this Industry, you wouldn’t buy these scammy programs anymore.

So the more successful people get, the less the Gurus make.

Here’s the thing…

If you want to learn the Secrets Of Internet Marketing – I Want You To Check Out My Special Training By Clicking Here!

You can use my techniques and strategies to finally start making money online…WITHOUT HAVING TO RIPPING OFF PEOPLE OR SELLING YOUR SOUL!

I’ll teach you the most cutting edge secrets to drive traffic, generate leads and convert these leads into sales in no time!

Click here to check it out!


Ace R!

P.S – I haven’t named anyone because I didn’t want to attract too much attention and get banned from the group for being transparent but let me tell you something – These guys are highly skilled and have strategies you have never heard of and I will continue to expose them slowly and help you become successful online!

P.P.S – Screenshot this post and share with your friends, I don’t know how long I can keep it on before they take it down.


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The Shocking Truths About

This Article Is Controversial And Will Be Condemned By Everyone Who Is Into The Blogging World.


You may have read articles online about “How to crush it with SEO”, “How to print money with SEO”, etc. B.S.

Let me tell you something…

The sad reality of the blogging world is that 99% of the blogs NEVER MAKE TO Google’s PAGE #1.

Who scrolls to the second page these days? NONE!

So If you did rank on the second page of google – it would be of no use.

Most guys who claim to make a lot of money through Blogging or Seo are just out there to sell Coaching/Consulting programs on SEO and Blogging so they can dig your pockets.

When I got started…I was too scared to spend and decided to rely on free advertising techniques such as Blogging and SEO.

Now, also note that I’m not saying all Bloggers and Seo guys are broke! I’m just saying that isn’t FOR YOU if you are just getting started.

So anyways, I got started 3-4 years ago and started Blogging, building backlinks, etc.

I did that consistently for a year.

Guess how much I made?


Let’s fast forward that to 2014 – Dec after my Dad died.

I started relying on paid advertisements.

I started running Bing and Facebook ads to my offers and trying to make money online.

Guess how much I made in a month doing that?

Close to $5,000.

What do you learn from my story?

Paid ads >>>>>>>>>> Free ads.

Never blog to get traffic!

Blog to get your leads to convert or to convert your traffic into leads.

So lets imagine that you have a list of 2k people and you’re trying to sell them on a Bizopp.

You could write valuable articles like this one to your list and audience to get them to BUY YOUR STUFF!

Listen…making money online isn’t hard!

98% of you just get overwhelmed studying course after course, joining program after program and never make a dollar!

The reason why most of you are scared to run paid ads is because you don’t know how to make it work.

You probably ran a few ads in the past and never made a dollar back so you decided never to run ads.

Here’s the deal though,

How powerful would your business be if you could literally control the traffic, leads and sales?

What if you could wake up tomorrow and decide to make a quick $2k and actually go out and do it?

Impossible? Think again!

With the CPA/Affiliate Marketing Industry – That is not only possible but also easy if you’ve got the right skillset.

Paid ads are king because you can control the number of clicks you want! the number of leads and also the number of sales.

Never the case with any form of Free Advertising.

Imagine this scenario,

You have $1,000 in your pocket and have to attend this party.

The Fee of the entry of this party is $750 (Which you have), would you rather just pay the $750 and move in or would you muscle the bouncers, and find a way to sneak in?

Which would be easier? Which would be less-riskier?

You could go to jail for actually attempting the latter! but the clubs LOVE you when you pay to get in.

Here’s why I told you that story…

When you are trying to Rank on Google – you’re basically finding a way to muscle google and sneak in.

But when you are paying them – THEY LOVE YOU!

You don’t need to worry about SEO, Backlinks, Inbound links, and all sorts of shit.

You just need to give google pennies (Not even dollars) and they’ll send you H.Q leads.

If you want to learn how to make money online through Affiliate Marketing/Cpa Marketing and also learn the tricks of Traffic Generation – Check this out!


Ace R


Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 5.58.37 am


All the marketers out there keep telling you about the “Internet Marketer Lifestyle”…

They show you their vacation pics, cars, great homes and even hot wives!

Let me tell you something straight off the bat…

91% of them are completely FAKING IT.

They’re Frauds! they deceive people and say/do whatever it takes to get the sale.

Yup, they’re renting their cars and homes and sometimes even wives lol.

But…that’s not the topic of this post.

In this post i’ll tell you about this “Internet Marketer Lifestyle” in detail.

So let’s begin…

So Does The Lifestyle Exist?

Internet Lifestyle

Yes and NO!

What Do You Mean?

Well, listen up.

I’ve built multiple six figure businesses online and what I’ve learnt from my Experience is that the Internet Marketer Lifestyle is a real thing upto an extent. 

Yup, you have the liberty to travel wherever you want, work from wherever and when you want and all that stuff…

Here’s the thing though…..THERE IS WORK INVOLVED!

Any marketer who says things like “Easy money”, “We do all the work for you” is a Scammer and should NOT BE TRUSTED!

I work too!, even when I’m on my vacations I do call up my outsourcers, I DO check my numbers, and check the amount of cash I made.

Once you automate your business, you don’t have to work that hard but you do need to put in work.

Most marketers will tell you that they know of a way where the only thing you need to do is to invest money and go home with the returns.



If there really was no work involved, we would all be Billionaires right? lol

But, here’s what I’ll tell you about this business.

It’s Addictive!

Once you start getting results, you’ll get addicted to this business and it’ll be super hard to stop working lol as this business is FUN!

The Real Internet Marketer Lifestyle Is Where It’s Super Freakin FUN To Work!

I understand if you are currently frustrated with your business.

I understand if you are currently at a point where you don’t believe in Internet Marketing and just want to quit.

Let me tell you why you think that way…

It is simply because of one major thing – You Aren’t Getting Results!

Once you start generating results, you’ll love this Internet Marketing Game!

Checkout my Elite Affiliate Group – Special Training To Learn How You Can Finally Make Money Online!




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Hey, It’s Ace Again!

Here’s the deal, 4 years ago I got started in this industry through an MLM Company.

I Hustled hard for atleast 12 months, going through video after video and doing all sorts of stupid things my sponsor asked me to do.

Here’s what i realised,

The MLM/Network Marketing industry is nothing but a wolf leading sheep to it’s deathground.

What do I mean?

The only real way you can make real money through online MLM/Network Marketing is if YOU ALREADY HAVE A FOLLOWING!

Sure, you can make a $50 or $100 here and there and get all excited.

But, can you pull in these numbers in a single day?

Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 12.44.47 am

I highly doubt!

Look at the income disclaimers of these two companies – Empower Network and MOBE which were two of the best Online MLM/Network Marketing companies at a point.

Empower Network

Full disclosure at – http://www.empowernetwork.com/income


2016-07-27_0050                 For full disclosure go to – https://mobe.com/income-disclosure/

If you take a close look at the numbers, you’ll figure out that above 90% of the people involved in either of these companies are making $54 a year on average!

The basic product line on these products alone would cost you above $400 a year (that’s if you are only buying the least expensive product).

Most MLM leaders brainwash you by telling things like you need to work harder, do more things to make money and all sorts of other crap.

They put you down and treat you like a piece of shit until you go “All in” and buy everything they got to sell.

Here’s the deal,

MLM/Network Marketing isn’t DUPLICATEABLE!

That is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth!

The 1% of the guys making most of the money have spent years and years on building a team in their offline businesses and other businesses and then instantly plug them in their new company.

If you’re a newbie and trying to make money online, it’ll take you years to make it happen!

I say that from experience and facts.

Most people involved in any kind of Internet MLM/Network Marketing programs buy product after product in hope to make it happen but NEVER DO!

What you need at this point is a system that can help you get results NOW! Not in 2050, 2025, or whatever. You Need Results NOW!

The only thing that can ensure that you will make money online now is Affiliate/CPA Marketing.

Listen up…

Affiliate/CPA Marketing is a gamechanger.

You can build a System that easily makes you $10 for every $1 spent on advertising!

It’s not hard, and anyone can do it.

I have a 20 yr old client who just dropped out of College recently as he was making $25,000 a month.

How many MLM/Network Marketing Leaders do you know that can actually help their Clients produce these results within their first 60 days?

How many of these Leaders claim that they make millions and will teach you the same but never teach you the “Practical Steps”? How many of them teach you theory after theory which never makes you a dollar?

Don’t be hypnotised by these clowns, they’re deceiving and build their house on your back.

Affiliate Marketing is where you can make money WITHOUT Talking To Prospects All Day, Calling People On Their Phone Begging Them To Join You On This New Deal, Be Seen As A Greedy Salesman By Family (My Family Never Used To Pickup My Calls When I Was Doing MLM Stuff…Now I Don’t Pick Up Their Calls Because There’s No Need To), Constantly Worrying About Where Your Next Client Is Going To Come From, Or Doing Anything That You Hate.

How About Waking Up Tomorrow And Setting Up A Few Campaigns And Enjoying Life With The Cash That You Make?

Isn’t that much easier and pleasurable?

All you have to do is simple stuff where you don’t even need to talk to people anymore!

How about having the power to either stay completely undercover and still make a killing?

That’s impossible to do if you’re in a MLM/Network Marketing Biz.

Affiliate Marketing is 100% Duplicatable!

Think about it…

How could you “Not” make money if I just hand you over the ads, landers, etc. and ask you to run traffic to them in the way i showed you?

You don’t even need to use your name anywhere!

Look at these results : –

Personal Result – $782,472.13 over the last 12 months!

Screen Shot 2016-06-24 at 4.59.44 pm

Main Paypal Shot


Client’s Results!


***QUICK UPDATE – Phillip Has Made $25k As Of Now****


And many more…but i don’t want to stuff this page with testimonials.

If You Want To Learn More About How You Can Get Started With Affiliate Marketing And Make A Killing – Click Here And Check My Special Training Out!

In The Special Training I’ll Be Showing You : –

  • 8 Steps I Use To Literally Crush It Online And Make $1k, $2k Or Even $5k A Day!
  • How To Build An Entire CPA/Affiliate Marketing Business That Makes  You 5 Figures a Day…WITHOUT Having To Work All Day.
  • Laws Of Automation – How To Get A Team Together To Run All Your Campaigns For You And Make You Money While You Are Sipping Champagne On The Beach.
  • The “3×3” Formula To Test And Scale Up Your Campaigns Effectively (This Is A Really Cool One).
  • The 5 Steps I Use TO Build A Cash Generation Funnel That’s Going To  Turn Every Dollar Into $10 or More..
  • Ultra Cheap Traffic Generation Techniques! – Learn Proven Strategies To Put Your Product Or Message In Front Of The People Who Most Want To See It.
  • My Facebook Ad Formula – That I Use To Get Clicks For As Less As  5cents/Click, And Post Engagements For As Less As $0.02/Per Post Engagement!

And As A Limited Edition Bonus I’m Going To Be Giving Away A Full Campaign That’s Currently Making Me $15,657/M. FOR FREE If You Buy My Training Now.

Click Here To Get Started!

There’s Tons Of Other Bonuses Too That Are Really Valuable For You!

Click Here To See The Entire List Of Bonuses! 


Ace R

P.S – Take Action On This My Friend, You Can Make More in A Month Through CPA/Affiliate Marketing Then You Can Make In 5-10 Years Through MLM/ Affiliate Marketing, Click On The Links Above And Take Action!



Screen Shot 2016-07-21 at 4.54.07 am

Hey guys!

Today I wanted to share with you my process to turn cold traffic into hot buying leads as a way of saying THANKS for being my subscriber.

By cold traffic I mean people that have never heard from you before.

And hot traffic is, well… people ready to take out their credit cards and purchase your products.

So how to you go about the process of doing so?

Here is my step by step sequence. Hope you enjoy it!


==Getting More Sales and Revenue from Scratch==

So you’ve been doing some PPC with little to no results.

And you are getting traffic with SEO, but your website is still not converting.

Let me tell you that you need to combine as many sources of traffic as possible to make this machine work.

It includes email marketing and retargeting to gradually turn up the temperature of your visitor from a cold lead to a hot ready-to-buy customer

Let’s see how this step by step system can turn your website into a revenue generating machine without putting forth more effort or investing more time.


=Step 1: From Nobody to Somebody (Cold Traffic)=

This campaigns are designed for people that has never even heard of you.

They don’t know you even exist!


So it’s really hard to get right of the bat with a lead magnet, not to mention an offer.

What I’ve found it works really well is to send people to ungated content.

By ungated I mean content they can consume without leaving you anything in return.

Why would you do such nonsense?

Basically you want to achieve three things:

  • To increase your visitors awareness of you, your name, your brand and your offers.
  • To present them with an opportunity to leave you their email for more.
  • To pixelate them to generate a retargeting campaign.

That’s why it’s really important that you send people to an environment you can control.

That could be your blog, your website, etc. Anywhere where you can drop a pixel or leave a Call to Action to signup.


=Step 2: I Like This Guy! (Warm Traffic)=


Ok so people go through your website and you have their email and their are pixelated.

Now what?

Now it’s time to invite them to get even more value from you!

It could be through the form of a lead magnet (in case they haven’t opted in).

Or a webinar (which is super recommended and I’ll tell you why in a minute).

So you are actually helping them all along and you become someone that’s on your visitors’ mind.

Remember the “everywhere” factor we talked about? This is how marketers give that impression.

On this stage you want people to take ACTION (signup, download, leave an email, interact, follow, etc).

This is where the famous “indoctrination series” come into play when doing email marketing.

You want people to know you and help them right off the bat.

At this point they don’t even know even IF you are selling something (which is pretty cool if you ask me!).


=Step 3: Please Take My Money (Hot Traffic)=


This is why I love webinars.

Webinars are a great way to keep delivering value and good will.

And also presenting them with an opportunity to actually purchase something from you.

So on Step 2 you’d ask them to signup to a webinar and on the webinar itself you’d present them with an offer.

Now think about this for a minute.

You have been sharing value and actually helping people throughout the entire process.

You have been in your prospect’s mind all across the internet.

And you haven’t asked anything in return (well maybe an email or a signup).

How much easier your sale will be?

How much more your conversions will be on the webinar?

You don’t need to be pushy at this stage.

You have created rapport and good will, and they will purchase for the sake of creating more value into their lives.

For me, that’s priceless!

And if you lose some people along the way, and some people don’t buy, that’s completely fine!

You only want people at this stage that are willing to change their lives and committed to follow your advice.

Don’t forget to comment and share if you find this useful!


Have a great day!


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Great Headline Right?

Now, The First Question You Have On Your Mind When I Write “They Don’t Want You Know About” Is Probably – Who Are “They”?

I’m Talking About All These Great Marketers Online That Claim To Be Making Millions Of Dollars And Driving Hundreds Of Thousands Of Visitors To Their Site Everyday.

Guess What?

A Lot Of Them Are Just Faking It!

They Do Not Drive Any Real Traffic At All To Their Site And Are Faking It (They Use Cheap Bot Traffic Sources Such As Ad.fly So They Can Trick You Into Buying Their Product)

But That’s Not Me!

I’ll Prove It To You By Showing You This Screenshot Of One Of My CPA Back Office!

Screen Shot 2016-06-24 at 4.59.44 pm

As You Can See Above, I Really Do Make Money From The Traffic I Generate.

It Isn’t Bot Traffic Nor Is It Any B.S Sources These Gurus Use To Fool You…

I’m Not One Of These Fake Traffic Experts Who’ve Never Driven A Single Visitor To Their Site….

Now Of Course There’s Be A Few People That Do Drive Tons of Traffic To Their Site And Make A Lot Of Cash And Are Seen As Highly Regarded Experts,

The Problem With These Experts Is That They Will Never Reveal Their Secrets To Generate Traffic And Sales Online…

They’ve Learnt The Game By Either Paying a Lot Of Money And Hiring An Expert Or By Years Of Experience (Trial And Error)


I Was A Part Of The Elite Guru Circle Where The Information Is Usually Kept Secret From Everyone Else…

This Isn’t One Of Those Conspiracy Stories That You Keep Reading About…

This Is Some Real Stuff!

I’ve Been In Masterminds (High Priced Masterminds) Where They Speak About The Ways To Generate Traffic, Get Customers, Leads, Etc.

Almost “Nobody” Speaks About This…

Let Me Now Show You The 5 Secrets Of Traffic Generation Almost No-One In This Industry Speaks About :-

1. It’s All About Broad Targeting

Broad Targeting Is The Missing Link To Success.

I Understand That A Lot Of You Were Taught To Go Narrow And Hit Your Target Marketing Directly!

That Statement Would Be True If You Are Running A Coaching/Consulting Business As You Can’t Be Targeting Everyone But Anyways..

I Understand That A Lot Of You Aren’t In That Business!

So Listen…

You Need To Go Both Narrow And Wide…

Which Also Means Go Broad.

When Your Running A Weight Loss Offer To Women, Do NOT Target The Age, Financial Status, Etc. (A Lot Of Gurus Suggest You To Do That)

Do NOT Do That!

You Do Not Know For Sure What’s Working And What Isn’t!

You Need To Figure That Out

So Here’s What You Need To Do To Run Traffic To That Offer – Target Only Women And Weight Loss And Run Traffic!

Test, Test, And Test.

Find The Exact Age, Region, Etc. That Is Converting And Then Market Your Offer To Them.

Use That Formula And You’ll Never Fail To Drive Traffic.


2. Long Copy Ads Outperform Short Copy Ads

As You Can See From The Facebook Ads I Ran To Bring You On To This Blog, I Don’t Really Run Short Copy Ads To Cold Prospects.

I’ve Figured After A Lot Of Trial And Error That Long Copy Ads Where I Actually Give The Audience Some Value Before Asking Them To Opt-in Converts Better Than Short-Copy Ads.

These Are Examples Of Long Copy And Short Copy Ads : –

Jeremy Miner’s Ad – Long Copy

Screen Shot 2016-07-04 at 7.16.09 pm

Gkic’s Ad – Long Copy

Screen Shot 2016-07-04 at 7.15.17 pmScreen Shot 2016-07-04 at 7.15.03 pm 

Clickfunnels And Digital Marketer Ads (Short Copy)

Screen Shot 2016-07-04 at 7.16.47 pmScreen Shot 2016-07-04 at 7.17.37 pm

As You Can See There’s A Higher Engagement On Long Copy Ad Than The Short Copy Ad.

Why Do You Think So?

Because, Facebook Views Long Copy As Value!

The Audience Views it As Value!

Give Them Value Even Before They Opt-In.

If You Currently Run A Dating Offer, Teach Your Audience How They Can Now Go Out To The Club And Approach A Girl Without Facing “Approach Anxiety” (Google The Term) And Then Ask Them To Opt-in To Your List…

It’s Much Easier That Way!

Run Your Own Test And You’ll Be Surprised At Both The Increase In Traffic And Also Conversions.

Point Is This – You Will Ultimately Make More Money By Using Long-Copy Advertisements.

Write Ads That Are Engaging, Build Curiosity And Sometimes Controversial Too….

Your Audience Must Always Like, Comment, And Share Your Ad So You Can Step Into Their Network Of People As Well (If Someone Your Audience Knows Refers Them To Buy Your Product, That’ll Increase Your Perceived Value Almost Instantly)

Write Great Quality Content Too (Just Don’t Pile Up Some Thrash)


3. Master A Single Traffic Source Before You Move On To The Next…

A Lot Of These So Called “Gurus” Never Speak About This One.

Listen To This Rule

“Never Try To Master Everything Before You’ve Mastered One Successfully”

Always Focus On One, Make Atleast $10k With It And Then Move On To The Next.

Don’t Be Caught In “Multiple-Traffic-Sources” Scheme…

You Can Focus On Multiple Traffic Sources Only After You Have Completely Mastered A Single One…

Other Rule…

All Traffic Sources Produce Cash…

Trust Me, Every Ad Source Can Make You Money (Except The Dirty and Scammy Ad Sources)

You Will Need To Choose One Between : –

  1. Google Adwords.
  2. Facebook Ads.
  3. Media Buys.
  4. Traffic Agencies.
  5. Bing/Yahoo.
  6. Etc.

Pick One, Master It (Make Some Cash With It) And Then Go To Another Traffic Source.


4. Break Down Your Interests, Don’t Stack Them (Tip For Facebook Advertisers)

This Is A Cool Technique!

So When You Try To Run Facebook Ads, You Might Be Stacking Up Tons Of Interests To Target.

Don’t Do That!

This Is What I Mean By Stacking Up: –

Screen Shot 2016-07-04 at 7.24.03 pm

This Kinda Hints To Facebook That You Are Promoting Something Spammy Or Uninteresting…

Ultimately, If You Keep Doing This…Your Account Will Be Banned In No Time.

Here’s What You Can Do Though: –

“Break Down The Interests Into 3 Ads, 3 Ad Sets, And 3 Campaigns.”

Use Two Interests Per Ad And Create Multiple Versions Of The Same Targeting 1-2 Interesting.

This Can Also Help You Track Better Because You Have A Complete Understanding Of What Interests Convert And What Don’t.

Which Is Amazing…

But Anyways, That’s A Cool Tip For Facebook Advertisers.


5. Never Be Emotional With Your Money (Trust Your Logic Over Emotion)


Your Emotions Sometimes Trick You Into Believing That Certain Ads, Offers, etc. Work Or Convert When The Numbers Show That They Don’t.

You Don’t Want To Bet Based On Your Emotions, You Want To Bet Based On Logical Reasons And The Numbers.

Ever Heard The Saying “Numbers Don’t Lie”?

It’s True.

They Don’t, So When The Numbers Indicate Profit – Scale Up!

When The Numbers Indicate Losses – Test Again And Shut Down The Ad/Offer

That One Thing Can Almost Guarantee You Success With Paid Traffic!

Those Were The 5 Secrets I Could Share With You.

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It’ll Teach You The Simple Four Step Formula To Make Money Online!

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Hope You Enjoyed The Post.

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Dear Friend, 

My Name Is Ace Reddy.

And I’ve Been Working In Internet Marketing For Over 4 Years Now.

For Years, I Had Been Chasing The So-Called “Internet Lifestyle” Where I Could Travel Around The World While Making Money Before I Finally Achieved It.

Recently, A Friend Of Mine Asked Me A Question….

“Why Do You Think Most Internet Marketers Don’t Succeed In Making Money Online?

“What Is Causing Them To Fail?”

And I Decided To Write This Post For Everyone Out There Who Has Asked Themselves The Same Question.

Here’s The 5 Major Reasons You Are Struggling To Build A Sustainable Online Business: –


Reason #1 – You Have Nothing To Promote.

Listen Up…

Most Of You Only Dream Of Making Money Online.

Internet Marketing Gurus And MLM Gurus Take Advantage Of Your Dreams And Visions To Sell You Their Info Products And Recruit You Into Their Network Marketing Programs.

Let’s Get Real…

The First Step You Need To Take Is To Pick An Offer To Promote.

50% Of The Internet Marketers I’ve Seen Don’t Even Know What Offer To Promote.

They Pick Offers From Clickbank, Jv Zoo, Convert2Media, Or Another Of The Many Other Affiliate/CPA Networks But Aren’t Committed To Promote Any Of Them.

First Step Is….Find An Offer To Promote And Get Committed To Promoting It.


Reason #2 – You Have Zero Knowledge About How To Build A Lead Capture System.

Every Top Internet Marketer You Know Speaks About How He Has A List.

Why Do You Think That Everyone Talks About Having A List?

Because, A List Is An Absolute Necessity If You Want To Build A Sustainable Internet Marketing Business.

If You Don’t Have A List Right Now, Don’t Worry – But Just Understand The Fact That The Money Is In The List.

You NEED To Have A List Of People That’ll Buy Your Products…

A List Is An Asset That Will Put Bread On Your Table Every Single Day If You Leverage It In The Right Way.

Sign Up For My Training By Clicking Here To Learn Exactly How To Set Up An Automatic Lead Capture System In Order To Build Your List From Scratch….


Reason #3 – You Don’t Know How To Generate Traffic To Your Site…

Alright So Now You Have An Offer And Created A Lead Capture System, Now What?


You Need People To Look At Your Site!

The Greatest Myth In The World Is That “A Great Product Sells Itself”

I Challenge You To Just Put Your “Greatest” Product In Your Backyard To See If It Sells Itself…

Or Just Trap It In A Dark Room To See If It Can Use Telepathy To Communicate With The Buyers And Convince Them To Buy…

You’re Not Going To Be Surprised By The Results!

You Can Have The Best System And Offer In The World, But If You Can’t Generate Traffic To It…Your Business Will Be Dead In No Time.

You Need New Traffic Coming In All The Time!

So Learn How To Generate Traffic To Your Site Or Hire Someone That Will Do It For You.


Reason #4 – Lack Of Follow-Up Skills…

Alright, So Now You Have The Offer, A Lead Capture System And Also Traffic, What Next?

At This Point You Should Be Making Money Already.

But According To Statistics…

People Make A Buying Decision After The 8th – 12th Contact.

So That Means You’re Only Making A Small % Of The Money That You Could Actually Make With Just One More Element…

Can You Guess What That Element Is?

Yes, You Guessed Right – It’s FOLLOW UP!

You Need To Follow Up With Your Audience And Convince Them To Buy Your Product Or Service By Offering Them Something Of Great Value For Free.

Your Follow-Up Emails Should NOT Be A Pitch Fest!

They Should Contain Value In Them Along With An Embedded Pitch To The Offer.

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Reason #5 – Not Being Aggressive Enough With Your Marketing…

Do Not Be Timid.

Zig Ziglar Once Said “Timid Salespeople Have Skinny Kids.”

If There’s Something You Don’t Know About Driving Traffic Or Building A Lead Capture System Or Any Aspect of Your Business. . . Just Go Out There And Learn It.

Search For It On Youtube, Buy A Course On It, Learn It And Master It.

Sign Up For My Training By Clicking Here. . . (It’s A Free Training That Reveals The Simple 4 Step Formula To Finally Start Making Money Online)

Listen Up…

It Is Your Responsibility To Succeed Online.

I’m Sure You Have Taken A Huge Risk To Get Into This Industry.

You Might Have Quit Your Job…

You Might Have Taken On Debt To Buy A Course Or Join A Mastermind Program..

You Might’ve Put In A Lot Of Time But Still Haven’t Been Able To Produce Results . . .

Guess What You Need To Do Now?

Push Through Your Comfort Zone And Follow These Steps.

  1. Learn And Master All The Skills You Need To Build A Sustainable And Successful Online Business.
  1. Take Massive Action And Outwork, Outspend, And Out-Perform Your Competition. (Dominate Your Marketplace)

And Those, My Friends, Are The Six Reasons Why You Are Struggling To Build An Online Business..

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And Also,

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Wishing You Much Success!