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Hey, I totally understand if you’re super confused.

It’s confusing for anyone when people in the “Affiliate Marketing Cult” use terms like Landers, Cloaker, etc.

Do you see all of these C.P.A. or Affiliate Marketers post screenshots of big money and wonder what it is that they do?

In this post I’ll tell you what exactly C.P.A Marketing or Affiliate Marketing is and more importantly, how YOU can make money with it?

Are you excited? Let’s begin…

How Do You Make Money Online?

There’s a million scammy ways to make money online (filling out surveys, etc.) but the real way to make money online comes down to one simple formula.

Something to Sell (Product) + Someone to sell to (Market) + advertising the product to the market = $$$.

How do you find something to sell?

You could create your own course!

Well, maybe it’s really not that exciting to put in a ton of work and effort to create your own course.

That’s where Affiliate Marketing comes in.

You can actually make money WITHOUT CREATING YOUR OWN PRODUCT.


What do you do?

There’s a ton of people out there who have their own products that they want to sell to more of (Dating, Make Money Online, Real Estate Coaching, etc.).

Your job really is to pick a offer or a product and then sell it.

Overtime, you don’t even have to sell it – you jut need to find the right people that would buy your product and advertise in a effective way to them.


SELL IT? Do I need to get on the phone?

Nope, all we really do is drive paid traffic to these offers and make money.


That’s it? 

Well, nope – for the some of us that want to really make big money – we setup a simple system that converts visitors into customers.

Mostly a basic Landing Page or an Advertorial and a few follow-up E-mails.


You don’t need to :- 

1. Recruit People into your downline.

2. Beg people to buy your program.

3. Stay broke.

4. Get Overwhelmed.

5. Talk to sponsor all day asking him how to do stuff.

6. Spend the whole day in front of the computer. [I’m not against it if you love it]

And still make a killing online!

Screen Shot 2016-06-24 at 4.59.44 pm


Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 12.44.47 am

I could go on and on with these proofs but it wouldn’t matter to you.

My income really is to show you that this works,

And it not just works for me but also…




Let’s continue…

Finding people who want to buy a product is hard, but if you can persuade someone to try something for free, they are much more likely to buy something afterward.

But it’s no longer easy to persuade people to buy or join something for even free.

Back in the day, you could jut say “Hey get free access to this” and people would jump on it but these days people don’t trust “Free” offers.

That’s where we come in!

A lot of business people out there are ready to pay you a commission of $30-$50 for every free trial or $1 trial registrations you generate.

That is called “Cost Per Action” or C.P.A.

If you can run ads that persuade people to sign up to a free trial offer that pays out a good price, you can make a lot of money.


Why is he paying us $30-$50 per free trial registrant even though he makes nothing?

He’s going to make a lot of money on the backend,

He’s paying us for New Member Acquisitions.

He’s going to make atleast $200-$1k or even more if he’s a smart person.

If he’s an idiot, you’re still going to make money so who cares lol (Only problem is that the offer will go down quickly but you’ll have more cool offers to replace that one anyways).


Let me give you an Example Scenario:- 

David runs a company that sells Diet Pills and is doing fairly well, but in order to expand his business – he needs NEW CUSTOMERS!

So he offers 1 free bottle of the supplement or pills.

But, he still has to find potential users and persuade them to sign-up to his free trial, so he puts his offer up in a Affiliate Network and offers a commission of $30 for every customer that orders 1 free bottle of Diet Pills through a specific Affiliate Link.

That’s where James comes in,

He believes that he can persuade people to sign up to this trial offer.

But where’s he getting people from?

That’s where Mark Z comes in, he owns a major social network with over a billion users on it and sells advertising space on it.

James now goes to Mark Z and buys advertisement space on his Social Network and advertises the Free Diet Pills and sends them to the Company’s link where they can order a free bottle, a fair number of visitors sign-up to this free trial and choose to get the free bottle.

If it costs James less money to buy the advertising space than he can make from the people ordering the free bottles, he’s in profit!

That’s it!

No B.S. Recruiting, Sponsoring, talking to upline, begging people to join, etc.


How can I get started to make money using this specific business model?

First off, I suggest you buy my $97 training by going here!

Secondly, I want you to join my Elite Affiliate Mastermind. 

Thirdly, Commit to Greatness and crush it.






As you already know i’m a huge fan of Grant’s work and I’ve probably read every book he published.

I’ve recently re-read “The 10X Rule” for the 3rd time and I’ll be sharing a few things I learned from this book.

And by the way, buy his new book on Amazon – Click here!

Here’s the 11 things I learned from Grant Cardone’s 10X Rule: –


  1. Think Big!

The only reason I went from Zero to Hero in a short period of time was because I was always thinking big!

I learned early in my life that thinking big is the way to go.

Donald Trump’s book “Think Big and Kick Ass” is also a great book on how you should always think big and get big results.

The 10x Rule is all about thinking big.

If you’re goal is to make $10,000 – Aim for $100,000 and make to plan to get there!

You’ll fall short on both goals, but it’s much better to fall short on $100,000 than it is to fall short on $10,000.


2. 10x Your Productivity.

If you are currently running 2-3 ad campaigns a day and trying to turn them into profit, it’s time to scale up and start running 20-30 ad campaigns a day.

The only thing that works is work!

It’s time for you to get to work and start increasing your efforts.

Work MORE not HARD.

What is hard for you might be easy to me, it doesn’t matter what’s hard and what’s easy.

Just do MORE.

Setup MORE Campaigns, do MORE Tests, and Scale Up MORE.

Read this great post by Victor Pride on how you can work more than work hard 


3. Step into an Abundant Mindset.

Don’t believe in scarcity.

I remember sitting in college and my teacher explaining me how cash is a limited resource and how there’s shortage of it, I immediately dropped out when I heard that lol

There’s no shortage of cash in this world, infact there’s abundance of it and if there’s ever a shortage they’ll go print more of it.

Don’t believe in these myths.

The person who was too lazy invented the term “Scarcity” so he could use that as an excuse to not get things done.

There’s no shortage of anything.

Most people say I charge Astronomical prices for my mastermind and that I should decrease it’s price.

I won’t, there’s no scarcity of wealth in this world.

Infact, if all the cash in the world was equally distributed among everyone – everyone would be worth millions of dollars.

Belive in abundance.

Cash is like an ocean, there’s water everywhere – just pick up a bucket and take some water home with you.


4. Treat Success like it’s your job, duty and obligation.

Don’t treat business and success like it’s an option.

Treat it like it’s a necessity to survival.

Don’t play around with it, understand the game and aggressively tackle it.

You need to make this happen for yourself, your family and for the entire world.

If you’re successful, you can do more donations, help more people out and serve the world!

It’s your duty to succeed my friend.


5. Be a Maniac!

This is my favourite one!

If people aren’t calling you crazy, obsessed, maniac, and other such bullshit names, you aren’t operating at 10x levels of action.

You NEED To be criticised!

Criticism is a sign of growth.

In the book “How to Stop Worrying and Start Living”  Dale Carnegie explains this saying “Nobody ever kicks a dead dog”.

Your Rise shall intimidate the average people and your work ethic needs to scare the shit out of those around you.

They’ll say things like “You’re working too hard”, “You’re Too Greedy”, “You’re just a maniac”, etc.

Ignore them, see this as a sign of growth.

Everyone who’s successful was a maniac.

I once read the story of Bill Gates in my school library (Yeah I was always interested in business), Bill and his team used to code for 2-3 days straight and sometimes fall asleep on the floor in front of the client because they were too tired.

Maniac? You bet! but he’s worth $81.5 Billion right now.

He’s the inspiration for everyone who dropped out of college to make big things happen.


6. Stay ethical.

The FRAUD doesn’t last long.

After 90 days, the fraud dies.

Build an Ethical Business and Operate with Integrity if you want to run a business that is going to make you money even 5-10 years from today.

The scam or fraud might make you a lot of money for the first 90 days but then you’ve lost peace and can’t sleep at nights anymore.

It’s not that hard to make money ethically, just learn how the game is played.


7. Competition is for sissies.

John. D. Rockefeller who is probably the richest man that ever lived never competed.

You see, the Govts. and average people try to support this idea of Competition so you can’t be a great power than them.

John Rockefeller was so powerful and rich that he, Andrew Carnegie and J.P. Morgan also bought the President when things weren’t going very well.

Domination is key!

How do you dominate?

You go all in and decide to dominate the field.

Own your space, be the best in your space and be the most dominant power.

It isn’t hard guys, if you think dominating is hard in this generation especially with all the Social Mediums we have to communicate your message.

Imagine how hard it was for Rockefeller to own 96% of the Oil in the U.S.A.

He did it!

Make no Excuses and go for it!


8. Expand – Never Contract.

Do you think you’re paying a lot of bills every month?

Are you trying to cut down your budget and decrease monthly expenses?

You’re focused on the wrong thing.


Contraction is for losers.

There’s enough cash for everyone, just sell something that is of equivalent or great value to the money and you’ll be making money in no time.

You think the Rolex is too expensive?

It isn’t, you just don’t have the 10k or 20k yet to spend on a Rolex.

Expand your business, your life and everything.


9. Do What You Fear!

If you’re trying to do something and are fearful, it’s an indicator that it’s the right deal.

If you’re trying to call this girl but are nervous or fearful about the outcome, just pick up the phone and call.

If you’re trying to learn how to swim, it’s about time you jump into the Sea.

Trust me, I did jump into the Sea at a point too.

I feared water for a long time before I actually decided to jump into the deeper part of the pool and swim my way out.

Then I feared the Sea thanks to Jaws, Shark Attacks and other stupid movies.

Guess what I did?

Take a boat into the Sea and jump right in lol

My fear turned into bliss and courage.


10.  Omnipresence.

Be everywhere if you want to be great.

Be the celebrity in your marketplace.

Remember, whatever it is you promote – you’re still selling it to people.

You need to be known!

People are more likely to do business with a celebrity than with a normal person.

With the technology and the resources available for free today such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. you could get famous in no time!

Use these resources and make great things happen.



You either do it or don’t.

Take full control of your life.

Stop the “but’s” and get to work.

(Ace Reddy’s trick to dealing with problems) – Pull out a book and write down all the problems you have or all your excuses and figure out whether they’re really problems or just complaints/excuses. If they’re problems, find a way to deal with them and if they’re just excuses – just keep moving.


Hope you enjoyed this post.


Ace R.



Hey Guys!

Let me keep this post straight on point.

In all my masterminds and training, I’ve always preached one rule.

Always Stick To ONE VERTICAL and ONE TRAFFIC SOURCE in the beginning.


Here’s the thing…

When you’re starting out – It’s easy to get overwhelmed and be everywhere.

Being everywhere rarely makes you any money as you’re doing a lot of things at a single time instead of focusing on the work you got at hand.

Let’s say you choose 3 verticals instead of one (Bizopp, Guns and Dating), how long do you think it would take you to understand how everything works in the specific niche?

How long do you think it’s going to take you to research the niche? Are you sure the timing you set is sufficient?

Do you have enough budget to test ads and get data on all 3 of these niches?

Let’s say you have a total budget of $1,000 and want to run with these 3 niches.

How much would you be spending per niche? $325 or so?

Is that sufficient to get enough data to scale up? NOT AT ALL!

Instead, you could just drop that $1k on a single niche and get more data and also might find a campaign that you can scale up.

Don’t try to be a jack of all traits, just focus and be a master at one niche.

Know the ins and outs of that niche, every angle that works in that niche, the demographics, etc. and then move on to the next niche.

Same thing with traffic source!

As a lot of people get really confused as to what traffic source they can get started with,

Here’s what I’d do.

Just test out all the traffic sources you want (Budget of $200-$300) and find the ones that you’re comfortable with and believe can work for you.

Of course, you can’t stick on a single niche for long and if you do – you’re just an idiot lol

I don’t know of a Single Elite Affiliate that only sticks with 1 traffic source and one niche.

The key is to get to a point where you’re making $1k-$2k/day with one niche and traffic source, after that you can totally start diving into other niches.

This way you’ll spend your budget better and also get better results.

When I say one vertical and one traffic source, I DON’T MEAN ONE OFFER.

You’ll go bankrupt in no time if you’re trying to make a single offer work – That’s just impossible lol

Test different offers but in only ONE NICHE.

That’s the gameplan if you’re just starting out.

If you have above $50k to invest in CPA, hit me up and let’s talk business.



Ace R.



For over 2 years I tried to be a “Perfectionist”.

I wanted to do everything Perfectly before I put it out there and I guess I never made money with it because I wasn’t producing anything.

Heck, even after I made my first six figures – I still tried to be a perfectionist.

And I had zero content out there and tons of customer complaints (Especially with one of my earlier masterminds).

Here’s what I’ve learned from my experience…

“Perfectionism” is nothing but FEAR.

Fear and Laziness combine together to form this habit called Perfectionism.

Once you break out of it, you’ll have a much more comfortable life.

The Procrastinator also calls himself a Perfectionist lol, he just doesn’t get things done.

Once I started focusing less on myself and more on the content, you bet I was crushing it.

People loved my content, my blog posts and everything I wrote and created a part-time six figure Coaching Business.

Sometimes, you just need to stop worrying about yourself and just focus on putting content out there.

Perfectionism is neither a good thing or a bad thing, it could either produce Greatness or Produce nothing.

98% of the “Perfectionists” produce nothing.

You need to start throwing out tons of great content out there, not just 1-2 posts.

You need to dominate your space not compete.

You can’t do that if you’re a perfectionist..

(Hold on I see this minor grammar mistake, I’ll not publish this post – fuck it! Oh shit I just used the F word, I’m definitely not going to publish this)

Stop being selfish and just put content out there.

Doesn’t matter if it’s good or bad, just do it!

Do MORE and MORE and eventually you’ll become a master at whatever you’re trying to do.


Ace R.



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If you’re reading this post. you’re probably looking to master the art of CPA Marketing.

In this post, we’ll be talking about the “Offer”.

How do you detect a bad offer?

Wait, first off what is a bad offer?

An offer that is most unlikely to make you money is a “bad” offer.


Here are a few signs of bad offers: –


1.Super high payout – 

A lot of you guys get hyper-excited when you see these offers with huge pay-outs.

Calm yourself down, lol.

Having a offer that pays out high is cool, but if payout is too good to be true, it probably is.

The Super High Payout could either be because the merchants/advertisers have a super lucrative funnel on the back-end or simply because they’re foolish af and will close shop in no time.

Do you think all CPA Networks weed out such shady advertisers?

Not at all lol, most Shady Advertisers still find ways to get into these CPA Networks and advertise in them.

Most of the times, these offers may also have low conversions and that’s exactly why the advertiser bumped up the pay-out.

Now, there’s a few more signs you need to look for apart from the “High Pay-out” to clearly understand if it’s a shady offer or not.


2. Horrible System. 

What happens when you sign-up to their offer?

If you’re really trying to be an Elite Affiliate and blow this out of the park, you need to buy every product you’re trying to promote just to see how their process works.

If their process is either too scrambled or too unorganised with 404 page links everywhere.

How easy is it for the customer to sign-up? How easy is it for him to buy the Upsell?

Does he see any 404 pages when he clicks on any of the blog posts or disclaimers or whatever.

Pay attention to small things too guys, it’ll be worth your time.


3. Slow Lander/Sales Page.

The faster the landers load up, the higher conversions rates you get.

Imagine you’re a buyer, and you go to a website that loads slow af.

Would you rather wait for the page to load up or buy the product from somewhere else?

Exactly, you’d buy it from somewhere else lol.

Other thing is, test the loading speed of the lander or sales page from the Geo you’re targeting.

Some countries have slow internet, and some have fast internet connections.

Test the Speed of the Lander or Sales Page from the GEO you’re targeting using this tool – https://tools.pingdom.com/.

Any score below 60 isn’t worth it.


4. Very Low Payouts. 

Listen, just because something super high can be shady doesn’t mean you’ll pick super cheap offers.

If you’re currently running an offer that has a pay-out of $0.10 per lead, you’re killing yourself lol.

Some advertisers are just greedy for profit and will offer super low commissions or payouts.

I don’t usually promote anything below a payout of $1, but sometimes I run a few Anti-Virus offers that pay-out $0.75 or so as i’m paying much lesser per conversion.


5. Destructive Writing Errors. 

If the sales page says “Lose weight in 60 days” and the order form says “Lose weight in 30 days”, it immediately destroys Trust and looks like a scam.

or if the Lander says “Get 3 bottles of this thing for free” and the Order Form says “Get 1 Bottle” – it’s fucked lol.

Don’t promote that bullshit.

It’ll not only convert bad but might also get your ad accounts banned in no time.

Other thing you need to do if you find such misleading offers is to let your Affiliate Manager know so they can pull it off.


6. Invisible C.T.A.

This is pretty common sense, but if the C.T.A. button isn’t boldly and clearly visible – there’s something wrong with the offer.

If there’s no C.T.A. there will be no conversion, trust me on that.

The C.T.A. or Call To Action is the most important factor of a copy, and if that isn’t visible – Move on to the Next Offer.


7. Saturated.

If you see 100 different affiliates promoting the same offer and you don’t really have an edge, you’ll lose.

Don’t promote “Featured Offers” as they’re going to be promoted by 100 different people.

Look, if you’re trying to be an Elite Affiliate – you can’t be playing stupid games, lol.

You need an Edge to make these “Featured Offers” convert – What could a edge be?

A Higher Payout, Access to a better converting page, etc.

Instead, just find a high converting offer in your niche and promote it instead of chasing “Featured Offers” or “Trends”.


8. Terrible Reviews Online.

Just check the name of the Offer to Google to see the reviews made by other customers.

If the offer has a ton of bad reviews, you shouldn’t promote it as it’s probably misleading and deceiving or the product just doesn’t work.

The Funnel probably has low conversions too because people DO LOOK AT REVIEWS AND DECIDE.



There you go!

There were the 8 signs you need to look out before choosing an offer to promote.

Implement these techniques and let me know if they work well for you.

You can even check out my $97 product to learn how the CPA business works by clicking here. 



Ace R.







It’s Ace again.

and I’m here to talk about everything CPA and Affiliate Marketing.

So, a person asked me this questions today.

“I’ve been running this offer since the past 3 days and haven’t made a single sale, is it the offers fault?”

Answer – Maybe, maybe not.

But, listen….

This is a problem you face if you’re only promoting one offer.

That’s why I always suggest people to join as many networks they can so they have a wide variety of offers to choose from.

You can’t bank from a single offer alone lol in the beginning, you need to test out to find a gem.

Another thing is,

You don’t have a lot of data to make a decision either if you’re just running 1 ad to 1 lander.

You need to test out 3 ads, 3 offers and 3 landers to come to a conclusion.

You see, most of you are playing too safe and dumb.

You need to have your expectations in check if you’re playing safe.

One Offer plus One Lander and One Ad is never enough to test and make money!

10x your Efforts, test 3 offers and 3 landers and 3 ads and get the data.

Don’t be a lazy bum lol

And you should also test the same offer on different networks, some may have higher payouts on other offers or a better funnel in general.

Once you get enough data, you can make an informed decision.







So Ace, what do you do when you wake up?

Here’s my Routine: – 

  1. I Wake up lol (I don’t have a specific time, it depends on the previous day)
  2. I Check all my payment accounts to see how much money I made.
  3. I Read a book for 30 mins.
  4. I Listen to 30 mins of Audio.
  5. I hit the gym and work-out for a bit.
  6. Get to Work!

That’s about it guys!

What books would I suggest reading? 

  1. 10x Rule. – Grant Cardone.
  2. Anything Grant Cardone really – If you’re not first you’re last, Closers Survival Guide, Sell Or Be Sold.
  3. Profits Aren’t Everything, they are the only thing – George Cloutier.
  4. 48 Laws Of Power – Robert Greene.
  5. Mastery – Robert Greene.
  6. The Ultimate Sales Letter – Dan Kennedy.
  7. Titan – The Story Of John. D. Rockefeller.
  8. Think and Grow Rich – Napoleon Hill.

What would I suggest for people who aren’t very energetic? 

What are you really eating?

Food is the “Fuel” of the body.

Don’t mix “Fuel” and “Sugar” (Bad food)

If you’re eating bad food, you’ll be less energetic.

Other thing is, have a VISION!

A Big Why and A Vision are very important to help you get off your bed and get to work.

I never woke up on time when I had to go to school or college, but now I do because it’s my “Why” to succeed and dominate in Business.

You need to figure out:-

Why you have to wake up?

What do you want to achieve?

Why do you want to achieve it?


Exercise really helps too, just go out and jog or something – that helps you gain energy!

Lastly, I’d say take “Cold-Showers”.

But Ace, they’re super uncomfortable…..

Of course they are that’s exactly why you need to do it!

Being uncomfortable in the morning gets you ready for a super productive day…

Trust me on that.

Whenever I have a ton of things to do, I always take a Cold Shower.

It also has a ton of health benefits.

Just google “Cold Shower” benefits and you’ll see!



Ace R.


-Why I Believe -Patience Is A Virtue- is B.S Advice...- (2)

Did your parents ever tell you “Good Things Take Time” or “Patience is a Virtue” ?

It’s Bullshit Advice!

Ok so this is controversial and perhaps even offensive to one of the most famous motivational speakers out there.

I may receive a lot of critics and haters after this but that doesn’t stop me from genuinely helping you.

Let me tell you that for over 2 Years, I believed this principle and kept working average.

Doing average work, average deals, etc.

It was when I came across Grant Cardone that I realised that what I was doing is literally what’s fucking me up.

I believe that when you’re in a rush or a hurry, you get things done!

When you’re at a desperate point and want to make money, you’ll get things done!

Fuck that “you’re young, take it slow” B.S

That is shit my teachers used to tell me in School.

“Hey Ace, take it slow – don’t start a business now, you’re too young – start it after your atleast 21 years old”

Now, this is PURE B.S.

Every Since I met Grant Cardone and my Mentor, I always lived my life in a hurry.

I go to places quick, buy things quick, avoid wasting time on making decisions and make them quick, and even make money quick.

How do you make money “quick”?

Is it even possible?

Absolutely, the formula to make money quick is to be quick.

If you want something, work more and more and test everything out until you get what you want.

Fuck your age, it doesn’t even matter.

A 12yr old refused to take $50 million dollars to sell his company the other day, how old are you now?

Things that don’t matter: –

  1. Your Race.
  2. Your Age.
  3. Your “swag”.
  4. Your Looks.

Of course, looks, age and swag might matter but they only matter 5%, here’s the list of things that DO MATTER:-

  1. Your Work Ethic.
  2. Your Approach Towards Life.
  3. Your Opportunistic Eyes.
  4. Your Persistence.
  5. Your Burning Desire.
  6. Your Faith In Yourself and Your Product.
  7. Your Skill-set.
  8. Your Teachability Index. (Are you ready to learn from someone and fully accept that whatever they say will help you?)

These are things that make 95% of your success.

Once I started being on hurry mode, and putting out 10x campaigns out there, doing 10x tests, scaling up 10x, etc.

Trust me, everything changed.

I went from being a bum to being a hero in less than 90 days once I started living this way.

Now, don’t get it twisted.

When I did join Masterminds or Watch Courses, I didn’t fast forward them lol

I did watch the entire thing with 10x attention, took notes and watched again.

Learned and Mastered skills that now enable me to make money anytime and anywhere.

Here’s the deal:-

It’s about time you stop making excuses on why you won’t succeed and start taking action.

If a guy like me can do it, you can too.

If you want to join me and learn directly how to make money through CPA from me – Click here!


Ace R


The Shocking Truths About (4)

So, If we go back in time through a magical time machine and change five things that can help me make more money immediately…

It would be these 5 things:-

  1. Not Rely on SEO or Free Traffic to make money – I’d say this is a very important thing, whenever I relied on Free Traffic Sources such as Safelists, SEO, Blogging, or whatever for traffic….I never made money! Knowing what I know now, it’s much easier for me to make money with just a little adspend than it is to make money with all these stupid traffic sources.
  2. I Wouldn’t Rely on “Traffic” Alone – Trust me, if you were to only spend money on traffic and not the build the right systems, you’re just throwing money away. I’d spend more time learning how build high converting systems and then drive traffic to them. High converting systems + Great traffic = $$$
  3. I Would Definitely Join a Mastermind – Trust me, the impact you can make with a mastermind is extra-ordinary. The right mentor can fasten things up for you, you can go from “Zero” to “Hero” in 1/4th the time if you only took that extra step and joined a Mastermind and Hired the Right Mentor. You can check-out my Elite Affiliate Mastermind for more info!
  4. I Would Focus MORE On One Niche and One Vertical – When you’re getting started, you feel tempted to swift through 10’s of different verticals and traffic sources, don’t do that. Choose one Traffic Source and one Vertical and focus on making atleast $25k from it, once you make that you can go to other niches and verticals.
  5. I Would Not Go Cheap On Softwares and Tools – There was a point where I used to save a few hundred while buying softwares to get the “cheap and best”, I wouldn’t do that anymore. The right VPS hosting can increase your conversions by 10-30%, which is probably an $3k if you’re making $10k/m. Never go cheap on softwares, tools and masterminds required to succeed.

I hope you loved this post and learned something from it!

If you want me to be your mentor and coach you personally to make your first money with CPA – Click here to find out about my Elite Affiliate Mastermind!



Ace R

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The Shocking Truths About (3)

So here comes the major question.

How much money do I need to get started with Affiliate Marketing/CPA?

The Answer entirely depends on where you are right now,

If you already know how the business works and know the entire gameplan to make money but just lack the funds – the answer could be anywhere between $500-$2k initially.

But if you’re just getting started.

I won’t suggest you to start driving traffic right now because you could essentially spend it all in one shot and make nothing.

I’d suggest you get together $3,000 – $5,000, Join a Coaching Program that’ll help you understand the business and how to make money from it and then spend the rest on testing, traffic, and tools.

You’ll be unstoppable with the right mentor and a budget like that if you take massive action!

Action is important.

I could show you how to go get the most precious diamond in the world, but it’s your job to get off your ass and go get it.

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But…But Ace I Don’t Have Any Money?

I didn’t have a dime to my name when I got started too.

How’d I get to where I’am then?

I did something clever.

I messaged people saying “Hey, I’m about to join this program by “X” and he’s a big baller – The program costs $5k to join, Can you put up the cash and I’ll return it back to you double within 6o days by implementing whatever the “X’ mentor teaches?”

I had to sell them on the idea that the mentor I was choosing was the man.

They bought the program just to buy the program honestly because I sold them on it, the Mentor ended up kicking me in 50% as a referral commission along with letting me in the mastermind and I was able to turn that $2.5k around to make a $10k – $20k using whatever he taught me and and I kept scaling from there.

You don’t really need money to make money, you need courage.

I had the courage to raise the money even though I was a broke bum back then.

You could use that technique in your business too!

Or just save the time, join my mastermind and implement everything I say.

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Ace R