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In this post we’re not going to talk about those scumbags who advertise rented bentleys or people who go to Thailand and eat ramen in Hostels.

We’re going to talk about why you don’t make money even though you join legit courses.

Here’s a few reasons why: –

  1. You don’t take action – this is pretty self explanatory, you buy the course and study it but never implement anything.
  2. You don’t take enough action – You buy the course, go through it and implement a little bit rather than taking massive action. (A lot of people tell you the campaigns are not working, but when you ask them how many variables they tested – they stay quiet)
  3. You don’t believe in the source – if you don’t trust the source, it’s hard to implement and make any money so I would research and study the source and be convinced that he is the shit and just do what he says.
  4. You don’t have the balls – sounds rude I know but a lot of you guys SIMPLY DO NOT HAVE THE GUTS To do what it takes, stop bitching and get to work.
  5. You quit too early – if you’re one of those people that throws in the towel as soon as you face a problem, there is simply no way you will succeed in business – Go get a job at McDonalds.
  6.  You didn’t even go through the training – It’s hard to believe but 5/10 people who buy courses don’t even go through them, they just buy these courses to feel that instant Gratification.
  7. You are looking for a “Magic Bean” – STOP looking for that one big secret or one Magic Bean and take action.
  8. You don’t follow your leader to the “T” – Get rid of your own thoughts and do exactly what your leader says and you’ll crush it!
  9. You are taking advice from the wrong person – Most courses online are duplicates of other courses, if you’re taking advice from a coach or a mentor who really hasn’t done what he teaches in his whole life there is no way you’ll get results, choose the right mentor/coach.


These are a few reasons why you aren’t making money even after buying course after course and joining mastermind after mastermind.

Hit me up on Facebook if you want me to personally mentor you and show you how to make this business work for you.



Ace Reddy – The Undisputed King of Paid Media.


The battle between people that use free methods and people that use paid methods to generate traffic to their offers is pretty common on the internet.

You always see Paid Ad guys calling Free Traffic guys a bunch of scum bags and vice versa.

In this post, I’ll talk to you about both Paid Traffic and Free Traffic methods. (Very unbiased)

Let me start out by saying…

There’s no such thing called FREE TRAFFIC!

It’s a scam.

You pay with your time.

LOTS of it.

“Hey man, SEO doesn’t take a lot of time – I can get you ranked in only 3 hours” – Says the scumbag trying to sell you on his fake services that don’t work.

Free Traffic Cons and Pros Explained: –

Cons : –

  1. Takes a long time.
  2. Lots of wishing and prayers involved.
  3. Fear or worry of where the next dollar is going to come from.
  4. Slow progress.
  5. No Control.
  6. Hard to Rebuild.
  7. Traffic Sources Hate You – You’re trying to game their system and advertise for free instead of paying for it.
  8. Lots of work required.
  9. Competitive.

Pros: –

  1. Lower risk since you won’t be spending cash to advertise.
  2. Everygreen Cash flow once you master it.
  3. Free Traffic.


Paid Traffic Cons and Pros Explained: – 


  1. Risk is involved since cash is being spent to generate visitors.
  2. Competitive.
  3. You only have results as long as you pay for it.
  4. Takes a while to master.

Pros : –

  1. Immediate traffic.
  2. Full control.
  3. Traffic Sources Love You!
  4. Evergreen cash flow once you master it.
  5. Work required (not lots of it)
  6. More predictable.
  7. Faster Progress.
  8. No fear or worry of where the next dollar is going to come from.
  9. Easy to re-build.


Now, since you know the Pros and Cons for both these types of traffic sources.

You can choose what you want to use and crush it.


Regardless of what you decide to use.

Taking action is key!

Take Action Today!



Ace R – The Undisputed King Of Paid Media.



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What To Do When You’re Not Motivated!

We all have those days where we aren’t as motivated as we should be.

You don’t feel it for some reason.

You don’t want to wake up and jump out of bed, or get to work.

How do you deal with it?

I’ll be showing you exactly how in this vid!

As Usual I’ll be breaking it down into simple steps.

Here’s the 5 steps you need to take to “get back in the game” when you’re not feeling it:

  1. Realise that you don’t have to be “perfect” everyday.

Just get work done!

When you’re not feeling it, understand that it is completely normal and happens to everyone.

This feeling isn’t the problem.

Your reaction to it is.

If you quit doing what you have to do, or if you perform average when you should be performing great.

Your’e fucking up.

The feeling isn’t the cause of the problem, your reaction to it is.

So, how do you react to this feeling?

That brings us to the next step.

2. Just start doing things!

When you feel motivated, the best way to get back in the game is by doing things.

Push yourself!

Complete that first task.

Use a productivity like trello, or just use post it notes – write your tasks on these notes and tear them every time you complete the task.

The more you tear, the more motivated you become.

3. Focus on small tasks to avoid panic.

Break down your tasks into small steps and focus on these.

This removes any panic you might have/face.

the #1 destroyed of success, peace of mind and motivation is panic.

To overcome panic – just break down the tasks into simple steps and take action.

4. Focus on your goals.

When you’re low, you gotta get back to focusing on your goals.

What do you want in life?

Whenever you aren’t motivated, close your eyes for 2 mins and think about everything you want!

As soon you open them up – get to work.

5. Have a full calendar.

Non-motivated are usually not motivated because they’re either scared of something or insecure of something.

How do you starve your fear/insecurity?

Don’t spend time on it.

Keep getting tasks done!


Ace R.


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How Donald Trump Won The Election!

So Donald Trump is the new American President.

I’ve read a lot of his books and they’re always on point and provide great value.

His books – “Think like a Billionaire” and “The Art of the Deal” were amazing.

Now, I’ve kind of worked hard on breaking exactly what he did to win the election.

Here’s what I learned from Trump that helped him win:-

  1. Be bold.

Trump was the boldest guy we’ve seen.

He was loud, clear and repeated himself again and again without hesitation or reluctance.

This is a trait of a leader.

Bold actions go farther than actions performed out of fear.

The Bold conquers the world.

Trump was 100% certain about him winning the elections and made bold claims.

“I Will Make America Great Again” – I always preached that Bold promises work, and now they actually did.

2. Straight real talk

Trump talks his mind.

There’s usually not a lot of planning.

Or even if there was, he appears like he’s talking his mind.

He’s straight in the way he talks and gets straight to the point.

Doesn’t care about who’s offended, who loves him, etc.

He just talks and moves on.

He talks his mind and people feel that’s authentic.

People have been craving for an authentic leader for ages and there’s this guy who appears authentic.

People would rather choose an authentic and real leader over someone who is delusional but nice.

While Everyone around him was lying, he kept it real (atleast in his head)

3. He knew his target market and the system.

He knew the system on the back of hand.

He knew how the electoral voting system works, he knew where his haters were, he knew where they loved him – he avoided the places where his haters were and they went to places where the majority of the people supported him.

He knew he would win the chair through electoral votes.

4. He blamed the common enemy.

Everyone believes in conspiracy theories and believes that media manipulates everything.

He captivated on that belief and spoke about how they do indeed manipulate the world and people.

Trump was seen as this hero fighting against the dark world of politics.

This hero identity or character he built for himself made him president.

5. Omnipresence.

Trump was everywhere.

Everyday you switch on the news, or even open up Google you’d find a negative news of Trump.

He did whatever it took to get attention.

I wouldn’t be surprised if he himself would’ve leaked those tapes.

He gots lots of attention initially and then started converting this attention into votes.

He really mastered the art of building a sales funnel, lol.

He got tons of traffic and then converted this traffic into sales.

6. Social Proof.

Trump was the King of Social Proof and using testimonials.

He had multiple black people, mexicans, Indians, whites and even Gay people give him testimonials and then he marketed these testimonials aggressively so people could relate with the people that made these testimonials.

Trump exploited the concept of social proof to get votes and he did a damn good job at it.

He understood a lot of influence tactics that most Politicians have no idea about.

He’s a business person and he should know these tactics and strategies.

8. He is a master of Show Business.

Trump has always been about Show Business.

He has portrayed a “larger than life Image of himself”

He potrayed himself as being this guy who has the best women, best cars, best life, best home and one of the most luxurious businesses ever.

Everything he did was moving his image forward.

Him dressing up in expensive suits, travelling in style with a bunch of bodyguards, etc.

All adds to the show.

Best show business person I’ve ever seen is Trump, he became a TV personality so he can get attention.

If there’s one thing you learned from this video – it should be – Court Attention at all costs.

9.Social Media.

Trump was tweeting at 3 AM in the morning.

The guy is 70 years old but still uses social media to get reach and attention because it works.

Do what works not what you want to do.

Social media works and Trump used it.

He stirred up controversy and shit on his enemies and competition through Social Media.

10. Brutally attacked Haters and Competition.

Trump put his competition to shames.

He attacked his haters aggressively.

He said they were all a part of a “conspiracy” which again played on people’s present beliefs.

I decided to brutally attack my competition on social media.

11.  His mind was set on the goal

He wanted to win, period.

He wasn’t aiming to fail or lose.

He wanted to win and he was committed to to do anything to win.

Everyone was against him, he had tons of haters, a lot of hollywood celebs wouldn’t take him serious, the media bashed him but who had the last laugh, huh?


12. Get haters!

Haters got him attention.

His fans weren’t talking about him everywhere, his haters were.

The enemies of his haters would vote trump because an enemy of a enemy is a friend.

he was skilled and created a lot of controversy to gain haters.

These were some of the main things Trump did to win the election!


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How To Create, Be Or Do Anything In Life!

All of us see that one guy down the block who has what we want and envy him.

You envy the cars he has, success he has, etc.

Now, some people see that wish they had the same.

Some people would just pass hateful comments.

Some wouldn’t care.

Now, there’s only a small % of people that actually look at the other person’s confidence, success, etc. and ask themselves how they can have the same.

These are the curious people always looking for the answer, looking to find a way to be great in life, and if you’re watching this video – you probably are one of those people!

I really want to congratulate you for being here!

In this video I’ll be showing you the simple step by step system to create or do anything you want.

You can be the confident champion that possess the midas touch – where everything you touch turns into gold.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been a loser as a kid.

Infact, Today I’ll tell you this  – the past doesn’t matter and it never will.

In this video here I’ll be sharing with you a simple step by step system you can use to create the life that you want.

Be the person that you want to be.

Do the things that you want to do.

Do the things you fear, do the things that you’re uncomfortable with in an easy manner.

All this using these simple steps!

  1. Realise that the past is the past and get rid of it, think only of the future!

Definition of past is – “gone by in time and no longer existing.”

That clearly tells you that past has now gone away and it doesn’t exist anymore.

It can’t be changed.

Why think about it?

Think about the future and how you can design and create it!

2. Don’t try to discover yourself, create yourself!

A lot of people try to discover themselves and try to “find” out who they are.

You don’t need to do that.

Just take a piece of paper and write down who exactly do you want to be.

What positive traits do you want to have – and right this moment act as if you have them.

It doesn’t matter what your past is and what you’ve achieved or failed in till date.

3. If you still can’t change, it’s time to crack a few beliefs!

If you still experience fear or hesitation even where there is no logical reason to experience it.

It could be caused by the stupid beliefs you hold in your head.

A  negative belief can prevent you from getting what you want.

So how do you crack a belief?

3 simple steps!

  1. Trace back to the first time you experienced the certain fear or insecurity.
  2. Experience that moment when you felt the insecurity/fear vividly again.
  3. See if the fear/insecurity was a valid fear/insecurity. (In most cases it isn’t)
  4. See why it was foolish to experience it and laugh it off.
  5. Create daily action steps  that involved doing activities you fear.


If you fear sales, if you fear to ask for the “close” or ask your client to send you “money” for your services.

Trace back when you tried to sell hard and it failed.

If you don’t remember such experience, I want you to think of the earliest experience of someone  being humiliated/rejected/ attacked for making a solid pitch.

Have you seen bad shit happen to a hardcore salesman in a movie?

Just because he asked for the order?

Have you seen it happen to the door to door salesman? Did any of your family members attack him or humiliate him?

Did your parents tell you to avoid Sales and Ignore Salespeople?

You gotta go deep!

Once you do it, laugh it off!

Make it a goal to start asking everyone for the order for atlas 28 days.

Now, if you want to learn an easier way to do this – Email me at ace@eliteaffiliategroup.com and I’ll show you a way!

4. Write down your fears and insecurities on a piece of paper-

Write down how they’re effecting your life in a negative way.

Write down why they fear you or why they negatively effect you.

Make a decision to not let them effect you.

Set goals that force you to get out of your comfort zone and face your fears.

5. Put yourself in dangerous situations. (Don’t do anything ILlegal or harmful)

General Patton was a coward.

He was put in a powerful position for some reason.

He wanted to get rid of his fear so he put himself in the most dangerous situations and survived.

This boosted his confidence.

Day after day he became fearless and stronger, one day he became a master.

In the same way, I want you to do what you fear!

If you can’t ask for the sale, just start knocking doors and asking for the sale.

Don’t even make the presentation first, just ask for the sale lol

Do the presentation later.

If you fear being in confrontational situations,

Be in these situations everyday!







How To Find The Right Mentor!

In this video I’ll be showing you the right method to find a mentor:-



How To Find A Mentor!

A guy named Kevin Trudeau initially introduced me to the concept of mentorship.

I was listening to an audiobook called YWIYC.

He spoke about how a mentor can help.

Here’s the thing,

You can either learn from failures or other people’s failures.

Yes, you heard that right!

You don’t need to fail in order to learn that something doesn’t work.

You can ask other people who’ve made it and they’ll tell you what doesn’t work.

It can save you a lot of time, energy and cash.

I’ve always had mentors and I continue to have them.

Everyone has a mentor.

Infact, everyone is a mentor to someone else and is also an apprentice.

You could be a father and be a mentor to your kid.

You could be a mother and be a mentor to your kid.

You could be a teenage kid helping your friend out with math, you’re a mentor.

Everyone is a mentor and everyone is an apprentice.

In this video we’re going to talking about how you can find the right one!

so let’s get started…

But before…you even think of mentoring let me tell you a few requirements!

If you want a successful mentor:-

  1. You first need to be coachable.
  2. You need to know what you want.
  3. You need to have your family on the same page – you don’t want someone else to undo it.

Steps to get mentored well:-

  1. Find one person and stick with him – research before you pick and once you do, stick with him.
  2. Get rid of people that pull you down.
  3. Pick someone who’s more successful than you.
  4. Pick a good mentor.

Now, let me tell you a few qualities of a good mentor and a few qualities of a bad mentor, this can help you look for them.

  1. A good mentor keeps it real, raw and authentic – he doesn’t sugar coat stuff – a bad mentor will give you feel good info.
  1. A good mentor will always correct you when you’re going on the wrong path – a bad mentor doesn’t know the right path.
  1. A good mentor isn’t cheap – a bad mentor is. (If you’re not paying with cash, you’re paying with something else.)
  1. A good mentor isn’t a crook on the side – a bad mentor is a crook.
  1. A good mentor doesn’t use very deceptive and shady tactics to sell you, he doesn’t need to – the bad mentor will do whatever the fuck it takes to sell you.
  1. A good mentor doesn’t want you to “love” him, he wants you to get successful with the info he shares  – a bad mentor wants you to love him so he can make money off of you.


  1. Don’t have too many chefs in the kitchen.
  2. Once you find one, stick one.
  3. Don’t ask other people’s opinions about your mentor once you choose him.
  4. Conduct the research yourself – don’t be lazy.
  5. Know what you specifically need help with.
  6. Find someone better than you.
  7. Believe in them.
  8. Take Action.
  9. Get rid of or undo previous mentors.



Ace Reddy.



So I just finished playing the Campaign Missions of Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare and I learned a lot about the world and business from this game.

Now, if you’re a gamer who’s played it – you know the Multiplayer kinda sucks and lags all the time so I won’t even be talking about the Multiplayer.

I’m talking about the Campaign.

The Campaign was Amazing!

You can read the storyline of the game here – http://arstechnica.com/gaming/2016/11/call-of-duty-infinite-warfare-review/

So, listen…

This is what I learned about Business from C.O.D. Infinite Warfare!


  1. Bet on the future, don’t worry about the past!

I see a lot of people speaking about how they should’ve invented the light bulb, invented Microsoft/Apple, Facebook or even invested in one.

Guess what?

You’re just fucking yourself up.

Fuck the past, shit happened – you can’t change it.

I just saw a video of Gary Vaynerchuk where he spoke about how he missed out on Uber.

Don’t be a guy that thinks about how he missed out on stuff.

There’s a great future ahead of us.

Microsoft and Macintoshes might just not be the future, Guess what can be? A company that you start and work on!

You and your kids can really shape the future, stop worrying about the past and get to hustle mode.


2. Flying spaceships are going to take over the world and be a luxury symbol for the rich (fuck the lamborghinis) 

Have you seen a single car in Infinite Warfare? Me neither!

It had a few jeeps and tanks but there weren’t really a lot of land vehicles.

Imagine owning a penthouse on the 1500th floor with a spaceship on the terrace along with 35 humanoid robots doing the cleaning of the home, getting the flight or the spaceship ready for departure, etc.


3. Humanoid Robots are going to take over the world and reduce employment rates.

If you’ve played the game and seen Ethan the humanoid robot thats cool af and is really more like a human than a robot, you would know that it’s a glimpse into the future.

Imagine having 100 robots like that working for you – doing the bookkeeping, marketing, etc. for you.

Would you need Employees? Just a few to take care of these robots!

But it’s a dramatic decrease in employment rate that’s going to drive millions of people who relied on their jobs for bankruptcy.

Get ready for the world where only the fittest people survive as Charles Darwin says.

Do you need people to go fight a war? Not really lol  – you’d need a lot of Titan War Robots and a few people to control them.


4. Whole new level of warfare could be very deadly and destructive.

What if you could hack into the country’s war robots and totally start self-destructing? Destroying their laboratories and killing their own people?

“Oh nah they’ll have anti-hack technology” – time has proven to us that no server on this world is safe and that there’s always a genius out there who can find a way to hack into anything.

Possessing war robots, work robots, etc.  open up a new world of warfare.

This form of warfare can be very silent, and individuals can now take on countries with the right men.

You fear Trump’s presidency or ISIS? in reality you should fearing people like Bill Gates who are vouching for A.I.

Artifical Intelligence can really be deadly. (Elon Musk agrees – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9sqUBAaBbTs)

We are summoning the demon by creating an A.I.

History has proven to us time and time again that there is no lock in the world that cannot be broke, no person that cannot be killed, and nothing that cannot be hacked.

On Oct 21st we witnessed an attack on major companies like Facebook, Twitter, etc. and they had to take down their servers for a bit.

Key point is – we’re going to be living in a dangerous world, and dangerous is always profitable to the opportunists who create products and programs to prevent or reduce the chances of danger.


Those are the four things I’ve learned from the game, I highly recommend you play the game as the campaign mode is amazing and you’ll love it!

Hope you loved this post.



Ace R. 



Do you promote Bizopp Offers, Affiliate Marketing Offers, Network Marketing Programs or Even Real Estate Offers?

You need a list!

My Guess is, you already know what a list is and are struggling hard to build a list right now.

You’re spending hundreds and thousands of dollars every single day to generate leads which mostly don’t convert or even if they do – you’re not getting the results or the ROI you wanted.

Because if you were getting the results you wished, you wouldn’t be reading this post right now.

Before we speak about lead generation – let me show you a screenshot of my own GetResponse backoffice (I use it to collect leads usually as it integrates with everything but it’s got bad deliverability rates).



The strategies I’m going to show you aren’t theory, they aren’t copied from another course and re-packaged, they’re real techniques I currently use in my business to generate leads for almost anything I promote.

So how does one go from Zero leads to 100 leads/day and then increase that to 1k leads/day?

Here’s the 7 steps to do that:- (I’m shooting a video on this very same topic to explain in the depth)

  1. Know the exact target audience you’re targeting (If you are promoting a Make Money Online offer or a bizopp offer, figure out who specifically do you want to sell to) – What age group do you want to target? Married or Single? What is their avg. earning? – If you don’t have sufficient data, don’t answer the three questions, first go out there and get data by people who are already killing it promoting that specific offer or a similar product/offer.

2. Answer these 5 questions about your target market –

  • What is their dream goal?
  • What are the problems they are currently facing?
  • What are they currently doing to solve the problem that isn’t working?
  • What is their greatest fear?
  • What motivates them?
  • Who do they follow?
  • Have they bought a similar product/service in the past?
  • What was their experience with the previous product?

Answering those questions will really give you an edge over the rest of the competition!


3. Figure out what are the first 5-6 milestones a person needs to go through to achieve his goal.

I’l let Frank Kern explain his famous “Results In Advance” method as that’s who I learned from too.

Once you totally know what the milestones or the steps that your target audience needs to take to achieve their goal – you’re one step ahead of 98% of the competition out there.


4. Design 3 landers/3 advertorials and get ready for lead generation!

Design three landing pages such as this :-



You need to design three different landing pages minimum to test and figure out the basics.


5. Build the System

Now, you have a landing page that’ll generate you leads – next goal is to convert these leads into sales and clients.

I do not have a lot of time to explain this in depth but you should check-out my List Building Mastery Program if you want to master the art of lead generation and list building.

A System consists of a Video Series (Usually) or Webinars or even Blog Posts, and predatory follow-up emails designed to convert your audience into customers.

Your goal with a great system is to profit within the first 7 days! so you can make back your adspend and go spend more.

If you’re involved in Online Network Marketing Programs/Online Affiliate Programs (Digital Altitude, MOBE, Empower Network, etc.) you need to have your own system!

That differentiates you from the rest in the marketplace, I mean think about it – everyone is promoting the same stuff!

You need to differentiate yourself from the competition and convince people to join you, not the competitors.


6. Advertise where your target market is –

Can you reach your target audience/market through Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube, or Magazines/Newspapers?

If you don’t know that, I suggest just asking and masterminding with people who promote similar products to get an idea of where your target audience usually is.

If we’re talking about an audience that exists such as people who want to make money online or people who want to lose weight, I’d follow these steps: –

  • Run 15 Fb ads a day with $5/day budget.
  • Run 15 Bing Ad campaigns with $5/day budget.
  • Spend $100/day on Solo Ads.
  • Design an Advertorial and Spend $200/day on Native ads.
  • Spend $50/day on retargeting campaigns.

Now, these steps mentioned above are optional and you can make your own tweaks to them.

You can adjust the Adspend based on your budgets, but that’s typically what I would do.


7. Test, Track and Scale up. 

Run a lot of tests (Different coloured landing pages, different headlines, even different audiences, etc.) and record these tests in a journal.

Track what’s working and what isn’t based on the numbers (don’t listen to your intuition, numbers don’t lie).

Once, you do know what’s working – scale it up!

Cut those landers and ads that aren’t working.


Follow those 7 steps for atleast 60 days, and at the end of 60 days you’ll be surprised at the results generated.

I’ll shoot a video tutorial on lead generation in a bit, and will upload onto this same post so check back later!

If you want to learn how to generate 10k leads/day on a shoe-string budget – check my program out!



Ace. R.






If you are reading this post, you’re either a newbie trying to learn how to get started or you’re a person looking to learn how to generate a lot of leads online.

I highly suggest you check out my List Building Mastery Program as It’ll show you exactly how to add 100- 10,000 new high quality leads every single day.

Now, let’s get on with the post.

What exactly is a Lead Magnet?

A lead magnet is basically a bait that you use to lure in the fish, which is in this case your target prospect.

You give them something for free in exchange for their name and E-mail so you continuously market your products and offers to them.

A Lead magnet can be anything from a free report, video series, or even a webinar.

If you run an Offline Business such as running a small restaurant or whatever, you could give away free meal coupons or whatever just to lure the audience in.

I’ve built hundreds of landing pages and offered hundreds of Lead Magnets or “Bribes” and built a huge list online and I wanted to share 4 simple tips that you can use to create a lead magnet that converts….

But, before that I want you to realise that just because you’re giving away something for free doesn’t mean it’ll be a easy thing to sell.

Not at all!

It takes effort to sell someone on something free just as it would take effort to sell someone on a premium product.

You need to have an attractive bribe or lead magnet and then have a great campaign to sell it effectively…

In this post, we’ll be speaking specifically about how you can create a lead magnet that attracts leads in less than 24 hours…

So, let’s go:-


Tip 1 : – The Lead Magnet Needs To Solve A Specific Problem.

When you’re creating a lead magnet, create something that solves a specific problem – DON’T CREATE SOMETHING THAT TRIES TO HELP THEM DO EVERYTHING!

For ex – If I was in the dog training niche, I would create a lead magnet showing people how to train their dog to walk on a leash in 30 days.

I wouldn’t create a lead magnet showing them how to train their dogs in 30 days or whatever.

Other thing, don’t create a super generic  “seven tips” style lead magnet – it doesn’t convert really well.

Find out the problems your target market is suffering from and offer a quick bullet solution to ONE OF THEM, not all.


Tip 2 – Lead Magnets That Attack People’s Fears And Are Controversial Have Higher Conversions and Also Referrals.

One lead source that is free and doesn’t require much effort is referrals.

If your lead magnet states another persons fears, insecurities, agrees with their beliefs and also stirs up controversy – your lead magnet will now spread to the persons friends list and connections.

Also….Controversial And Fear Based Headlines Convert the Most.

Let’s take the dog training product example again –

“Is your dog viciously barking at your neighbours? Follow my 3 step simple process that can help you calm your dog down…..this is stuff most “Dog Trainers” never talk about”

That would be a great headline and bribe compared to: –

“Seven tips to dog happy”

If your target market is facing a problem with barking dogs, they will react very quick to your lead magnet and opt-in.

You can stir up Controversy by bashing other dog trainers you know who teach bad systems, etc. and agreeing to the target markets beliefs.

Guess what made Donald Trump the President? Lots of Attention from the controversies he stirred up.

If they feel it is because they bought the dog from the bad breeder, speak about how buying a dog from a bad breeder can mess things up – and your target market instantly trusts you.


Tip 3 – “I Used This System To Get X Results” Headlines Perform Much Better “How To Get X Results”  Style Headlines – “Mr. X  Used This System To Get Y Results” Converts The Highest!


People are now do blindfolded to ads that they ignore anything which says “how to”, well not really lol people still pay attention to “how to do X” style posts but thats just posts lol not bribes or lead magnets.

I’ve done a lot of tests to come to a conclusion that “I Used This To Get X” style headlines work much better than “How to” headlines.

However, the grandmaster style is “Mr. X used this to get Y Results”.

Real Numbers of a Campaign I’ve run (Make Money Online Offer example)-

  1. “How To Make Money Online In Less Than 30 Days” – 1st combo  – 28%.
  2. “How I Went From Broke To Making $1,000/day In Less Than 30 Days” – 37% (Dramatic increase).
  3. “How An Ex Construction Worked Used A Simple System To Make $200/day Working From Home” – 46%.

As the test clearly shows, just by changing the angle of the lead magnet or lander headline – you can increase your lead flow and conversions.


That’s about it for this post!

Again,  check out my List Building Mastery Program by clicking here to learn how to generate 100, 1000, or even 10,000 leads every single day!


Ace. R.




Watch the video or just read the notes below:-

Having the right mindset is definitely a major part of being successful with Affiliate Marketing or Business in General.

Don’t worry, we’re not going to be talking about “The Law Of Attraction” or any Secret Spells that can cause Miracles in your life.

I’ll be showing you some real information on how you can condition your mind for success by showing you a few tactics and techniques that I personally use on a daily basis.

Business is War, and as every war – you first win the war in your own mind!

Let me start out by telling you what you can expect from the industry if you’re just getting started:—

Let me start out by telling you a bold statement – AFFILIATE MARKETING IS HARD!

It isn’t easy, because if it was everyone would be millionaires – right?

Now, let me tell you what you can expect from the industry if you’re just getting started:—

  1. Disappointment (a lot of)
  2. Lots of work to setup.
  3. Lots of failures.
  4. Lots of cash wasted on ads.
  5. Confusion.
  6. Constant doubt in yourself, the system and also the path you’re taking.

Look, it’s fine to fail.

Accept the fact that 90% of your campaigns are going to fail but the 10% of the campaigns that succeed will compensate for it.

Think of it like you’re trying to find gold inside a piece of rock in a land.

Out of every 100 rocks you check – you’ll have gold in 10 of em.

Your job is to keep checking these Rocks and keep extracting Gold.

The Gold will then make you wealthier than everyone else who thought it was a scam and stopped looking for more gold.

That must be your attitude towards this business too.

You’re testing various campaigns to find that one or two golden campaigns that work and then you’ll scale them up which will make you a ton of cash.

How do you get 10x results?

You keep testing more campaigns…

But again you do need to know what you’re doing,

If you’re extracting Gold and then you don’t really know what to do with the Gold you’re not going to make money and going to be depressed for the rest of the life.

You need to FOCUS!

Especially when you’re getting started, as things can get real hard.

Trust me, once you make the first $200/day – You’ll be a beast and a monster but you need to work really hard until you get there.

One thing that can make the process easier for you is to get a mentor, as he might review things for you, update you about the offers that are converting, etc.

However, let me tell you.

Even if you do get a mentor, you’ll still need to do the work.

Don’t look at the mentor as a guy who will just “do the work” for you.

A mentor will show you the right path to go and fasten up the process, but you still need to test campaigns and find the winners.

You still need to dig for gold.

A mentor can tell you the exact spot in the land to dig for the gold though making things much easier and faster.

Now, let me talk to you about the things that you can do from today to have a better warrior mindset in general so you can deal with all these obstacles and still keep pushing to find the gold.

These are 4 Simple Action Steps you should follow:-

  1. Write down your goals 3x/day – I write my Goals down thrice everyday.

Use this template –

“I (Name) want to make (Amount of Cash You Want to Earn) Doing Affiliate Marketing/ CPA. – {Note: Never Put a Time-Frame On Things}

Then Start Writing The Things That You Would Own, Buy or Do If You Achieved Your Goal.

Things such as :-

  • Travel.
  • Buy A New Home.
  • Quit My Job.
  • Spend More Time With Family,etc.”

Write Down Your Goals:-

  • As Soon As You Wake Up!
  • After You Have Lunch.
  • Right Before You Sleep.

You’ll get excited and do it at first but it gets harder over time, who cares – just do it!

Do it for 60 days and it’ll become natural.

2. Wake up and watch Grant Cardone.

Grant Cardone has such a great impact on my life.

His principles are solid.

Watch his free videos on Youtube everyday!

And within 90 days, you’ll surprise yourself with the results you achieved.

3. Get a Mentor.

Getting a mentor can definitely fasten up the process for you.

With the right mentor, you can totally fasten the process.

He can connect you to offers you can never be connected to.

If you want me to personally mentor you, feel free to Email me – ace@eliteaffiliategroup.com, or just message me on Facebook.

4. Get into Activity Mode as soon as you wake up.

As soon as you wake up, go check a few campaigns or do anything that’s productive and it’ll give you a boost.

I realised that If I do something productive as soon as I wake up, I feel much better and more things get done on the same day.






Books to read:-

  1. Think and Grow Rich – Napoleon Hill.
  2. 48 Laws of Power -Robert Greene.
  3. Anything Grant Cardone.
  4. Profits aren’t everything, they are the only thing – George Cloutier.
  5. Psyco-cybernetics – Maxwell Maltz.
  6. NO B.S. Wealth Attraction – Dan.S.Kennedy.
  7. The Art Of War – Sun Tzu.

Read for 1 hour everyday!