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How to detect a “Bad” offer…


If you’re reading this post. you’re probably looking to master the art of CPA Marketing.

In this post, we’ll be talking about the “Offer”.

How do you detect a bad offer?

Wait, first off what is a bad offer?

An offer that is most unlikely to make you money is a “bad” offer.


Here are a few signs of bad offers: –


1.Super high payout – 

A lot of you guys get hyper-excited when you see these offers with huge pay-outs.

Calm yourself down, lol.

Having a offer that pays out high is cool, but if payout is too good to be true, it probably is.

The Super High Payout could either be because the merchants/advertisers have a super lucrative funnel on the back-end or simply because they’re foolish af and will close shop in no time.

Do you think all CPA Networks weed out such shady advertisers?

Not at all lol, most Shady Advertisers still find ways to get into these CPA Networks and advertise in them.

Most of the times, these offers may also have low conversions and that’s exactly why the advertiser bumped up the pay-out.

Now, there’s a few more signs you need to look for apart from the “High Pay-out” to clearly understand if it’s a shady offer or not.


2. Horrible System. 

What happens when you sign-up to their offer?

If you’re really trying to be an Elite Affiliate and blow this out of the park, you need to buy every product you’re trying to promote just to see how their process works.

If their process is either too scrambled or too unorganised with 404 page links everywhere.

How easy is it for the customer to sign-up? How easy is it for him to buy the Upsell?

Does he see any 404 pages when he clicks on any of the blog posts or disclaimers or whatever.

Pay attention to small things too guys, it’ll be worth your time.


3. Slow Lander/Sales Page.

The faster the landers load up, the higher conversions rates you get.

Imagine you’re a buyer, and you go to a website that loads slow af.

Would you rather wait for the page to load up or buy the product from somewhere else?

Exactly, you’d buy it from somewhere else lol.

Other thing is, test the loading speed of the lander or sales page from the Geo you’re targeting.

Some countries have slow internet, and some have fast internet connections.

Test the Speed of the Lander or Sales Page from the GEO you’re targeting using this tool – https://tools.pingdom.com/.

Any score below 60 isn’t worth it.


4. Very Low Payouts. 

Listen, just because something super high can be shady doesn’t mean you’ll pick super cheap offers.

If you’re currently running an offer that has a pay-out of $0.10 per lead, you’re killing yourself lol.

Some advertisers are just greedy for profit and will offer super low commissions or payouts.

I don’t usually promote anything below a payout of $1, but sometimes I run a few Anti-Virus offers that pay-out $0.75 or so as i’m paying much lesser per conversion.


5. Destructive Writing Errors. 

If the sales page says “Lose weight in 60 days” and the order form says “Lose weight in 30 days”, it immediately destroys Trust and looks like a scam.

or if the Lander says “Get 3 bottles of this thing for free” and the Order Form says “Get 1 Bottle” – it’s fucked lol.

Don’t promote that bullshit.

It’ll not only convert bad but might also get your ad accounts banned in no time.

Other thing you need to do if you find such misleading offers is to let your Affiliate Manager know so they can pull it off.


6. Invisible C.T.A.

This is pretty common sense, but if the C.T.A. button isn’t boldly and clearly visible – there’s something wrong with the offer.

If there’s no C.T.A. there will be no conversion, trust me on that.

The C.T.A. or Call To Action is the most important factor of a copy, and if that isn’t visible – Move on to the Next Offer.


7. Saturated.

If you see 100 different affiliates promoting the same offer and you don’t really have an edge, you’ll lose.

Don’t promote “Featured Offers” as they’re going to be promoted by 100 different people.

Look, if you’re trying to be an Elite Affiliate – you can’t be playing stupid games, lol.

You need an Edge to make these “Featured Offers” convert – What could a edge be?

A Higher Payout, Access to a better converting page, etc.

Instead, just find a high converting offer in your niche and promote it instead of chasing “Featured Offers” or “Trends”.


8. Terrible Reviews Online.

Just check the name of the Offer to Google to see the reviews made by other customers.

If the offer has a ton of bad reviews, you shouldn’t promote it as it’s probably misleading and deceiving or the product just doesn’t work.

The Funnel probably has low conversions too because people DO LOOK AT REVIEWS AND DECIDE.



There you go!

There were the 8 signs you need to look out before choosing an offer to promote.

Implement these techniques and let me know if they work well for you.

You can even check out my $97 product to learn how the CPA business works by clicking here. 



Ace R.




About The Author. Ace is the Undisputed King Of Paid Media, he specialises In driving Millions Of Visitors To Websites through Paid Traffic and Converting These Visitors Into Customers and Clients and Ultimately Generate Profits!

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