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Do I Pump In More Traffic Or Improve My Sales Funnel?

What do most people do when they’re not making money?

Spend more money on traffic.

Is that the right thing to do?

Yes if you want to end up bankrupt, lol.

No seriously, that is a major blunder.

Traffic is fuel.

A good funnel is an engine.

If your car lacks either of those concepts, your car won’t move.

If you’re not making money driving traffic to your funnels, it’s probably because: –

  1. Your Funnel is weak and doesn’t convert.
  2. Your Traffic quality is thrash.
  3. Both your funnel and traffic is thrash.

How do you turn things around?

First start by testing a few different traffic sources on low budgets.

If you don’t generate any results after testing a few different traffic sources, recreate the funnel.

Change the offer, Pre-sell landers, etc.


In any case, testing is key!

If you can test more than your competition, you WILL make more money.

If you can 10x your tests, you WILL Crush your competition.



Ace Reddy – The Undisputed King Of Paid Media.


About The Author. Ace is the Undisputed King Of Paid Media, he specialises In driving Millions Of Visitors To Websites through Paid Traffic and Converting These Visitors Into Customers and Clients and Ultimately Generate Profits!

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