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Assassins Creed 3 Review.


Alright lol it’s time to cover this controversial topic.

Most people on Assassins Creed forums seem to hate AC3 for some reason.

However, the game has a 85% rating on Metacritic whereas AC4 BlackFlag (considered to best AC game on the forums) has only 83%.

I’ve played both so I felt it would be great to review this game.

Alright so let make a few points here : –


I loved the story!

I actually loved playing Haytham Kenway, but it was sad to see Conor fighting his father.

It was however a very interesting storyline.

We also got to see the rise of George Washington and the fall of the templar governance.

I only hated the part where Desmond Miles dies, it’s pretty confusing.

Overall, I’d rate the story 9/10.



The Gameplay was pretty good actually.

The combat system was the same as AC2 which is pretty cool! (not really a fan of AC unity style combat systems)

The horse riding was sort of boring honestly since it wasn’t really as fast a horse honestly lol

The hunting missions were good, great animals and the hunting was fun, esp the bears.

The Parkour system was a bit problematic (AC Unity style parkour system was much better).

Stealth missions were pretty fun.

Overall, I’d rate the gameplay 8/10.


Playable Characters.

Conor Kenway :-

I initially hated playing as Conor since he just sucked for some reason but in the later part he gets interesting.

He’s probably the most aesthetic assassin which is pretty cool!

Direct combat with Conor was cool.

The weapons he used (Arrows, etc.) were cool and stealthy compared to a gun.


Haytham Kenway – 

I loved playing as Haytham honestly.

He had great sword fighting skills too.

I still choose to think that Haytham is much stronger and skilled compared to Conor.

He was pretty old at the end of the game when Conor kills him.


Overall, I’d rate the Playable Characters a staggering 10/10.

And I’d rate the game – 9/10. 


Let me know what you think in the comments below!

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