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5 things I wish I knew when I got started with Affiliate Marketing/CPA…

The Shocking Truths About (4)

So, If we go back in time through a magical time machine and change five things that can help me make more money immediately…

It would be these 5 things:-

  1. Not Rely on SEO or Free Traffic to make money – I’d say this is a very important thing, whenever I relied on Free Traffic Sources such as Safelists, SEO, Blogging, or whatever for traffic….I never made money! Knowing what I know now, it’s much easier for me to make money with just a little adspend than it is to make money with all these stupid traffic sources.
  2. I Wouldn’t Rely on “Traffic” Alone – Trust me, if you were to only spend money on traffic and not the build the right systems, you’re just throwing money away. I’d spend more time learning how build high converting systems and then drive traffic to them. High converting systems + Great traffic = $$$
  3. I Would Definitely Join a Mastermind – Trust me, the impact you can make with a mastermind is extra-ordinary. The right mentor can fasten things up for you, you can go from “Zero” to “Hero” in 1/4th the time if you only took that extra step and joined a Mastermind and Hired the Right Mentor. You can check-out my Elite Affiliate Mastermind for more info!
  4. I Would Focus MORE On One Niche and One Vertical – When you’re getting started, you feel tempted to swift through 10’s of different verticals and traffic sources, don’t do that. Choose one Traffic Source and one Vertical and focus on making atleast $25k from it, once you make that you can go to other niches and verticals.
  5. I Would Not Go Cheap On Softwares and Tools – There was a point where I used to save a few hundred while buying softwares to get the “cheap and best”, I wouldn’t do that anymore. The right VPS hosting can increase your conversions by 10-30%, which is probably an $3k if you’re making $10k/m. Never go cheap on softwares, tools and masterminds required to succeed.

I hope you loved this post and learned something from it!

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Ace R

About The Author. Ace is the Undisputed King Of Paid Media, he specialises In driving Millions Of Visitors To Websites through Paid Traffic and Converting These Visitors Into Customers and Clients and Ultimately Generate Profits!

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  • Antonio Burazer

    Hey there, very informative post. I definitely agree with this.
    You definitely need a mentor or coach who will guide you from bottom to the next level if you want to succeed in this field of industry.
    You’re speaking the truth, god bless for golden informations.

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