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11 Things I Learned From Reading Grant Cardone’s 10X Rule!


As you already know i’m a huge fan of Grant’s work and I’ve probably read every book he published.

I’ve recently re-read “The 10X Rule” for the 3rd time and I’ll be sharing a few things I learned from this book.

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Here’s the 11 things I learned from Grant Cardone’s 10X Rule: –


  1. Think Big!

The only reason I went from Zero to Hero in a short period of time was because I was always thinking big!

I learned early in my life that thinking big is the way to go.

Donald Trump’s book “Think Big and Kick Ass” is also a great book on how you should always think big and get big results.

The 10x Rule is all about thinking big.

If you’re goal is to make $10,000 – Aim for $100,000 and make to plan to get there!

You’ll fall short on both goals, but it’s much better to fall short on $100,000 than it is to fall short on $10,000.


2. 10x Your Productivity.

If you are currently running 2-3 ad campaigns a day and trying to turn them into profit, it’s time to scale up and start running 20-30 ad campaigns a day.

The only thing that works is work!

It’s time for you to get to work and start increasing your efforts.

Work MORE not HARD.

What is hard for you might be easy to me, it doesn’t matter what’s hard and what’s easy.

Just do MORE.

Setup MORE Campaigns, do MORE Tests, and Scale Up MORE.

Read this great post by Victor Pride on how you can work more than work hard 


3. Step into an Abundant Mindset.

Don’t believe in scarcity.

I remember sitting in college and my teacher explaining me how cash is a limited resource and how there’s shortage of it, I immediately dropped out when I heard that lol

There’s no shortage of cash in this world, infact there’s abundance of it and if there’s ever a shortage they’ll go print more of it.

Don’t believe in these myths.

The person who was too lazy invented the term “Scarcity” so he could use that as an excuse to not get things done.

There’s no shortage of anything.

Most people say I charge Astronomical prices for my mastermind and that I should decrease it’s price.

I won’t, there’s no scarcity of wealth in this world.

Infact, if all the cash in the world was equally distributed among everyone – everyone would be worth millions of dollars.

Belive in abundance.

Cash is like an ocean, there’s water everywhere – just pick up a bucket and take some water home with you.


4. Treat Success like it’s your job, duty and obligation.

Don’t treat business and success like it’s an option.

Treat it like it’s a necessity to survival.

Don’t play around with it, understand the game and aggressively tackle it.

You need to make this happen for yourself, your family and for the entire world.

If you’re successful, you can do more donations, help more people out and serve the world!

It’s your duty to succeed my friend.


5. Be a Maniac!

This is my favourite one!

If people aren’t calling you crazy, obsessed, maniac, and other such bullshit names, you aren’t operating at 10x levels of action.

You NEED To be criticised!

Criticism is a sign of growth.

In the book “How to Stop Worrying and Start Living”  Dale Carnegie explains this saying “Nobody ever kicks a dead dog”.

Your Rise shall intimidate the average people and your work ethic needs to scare the shit out of those around you.

They’ll say things like “You’re working too hard”, “You’re Too Greedy”, “You’re just a maniac”, etc.

Ignore them, see this as a sign of growth.

Everyone who’s successful was a maniac.

I once read the story of Bill Gates in my school library (Yeah I was always interested in business), Bill and his team used to code for 2-3 days straight and sometimes fall asleep on the floor in front of the client because they were too tired.

Maniac? You bet! but he’s worth $81.5 Billion right now.

He’s the inspiration for everyone who dropped out of college to make big things happen.


6. Stay ethical.

The FRAUD doesn’t last long.

After 90 days, the fraud dies.

Build an Ethical Business and Operate with Integrity if you want to run a business that is going to make you money even 5-10 years from today.

The scam or fraud might make you a lot of money for the first 90 days but then you’ve lost peace and can’t sleep at nights anymore.

It’s not that hard to make money ethically, just learn how the game is played.


7. Competition is for sissies.

John. D. Rockefeller who is probably the richest man that ever lived never competed.

You see, the Govts. and average people try to support this idea of Competition so you can’t be a great power than them.

John Rockefeller was so powerful and rich that he, Andrew Carnegie and J.P. Morgan also bought the President when things weren’t going very well.

Domination is key!

How do you dominate?

You go all in and decide to dominate the field.

Own your space, be the best in your space and be the most dominant power.

It isn’t hard guys, if you think dominating is hard in this generation especially with all the Social Mediums we have to communicate your message.

Imagine how hard it was for Rockefeller to own 96% of the Oil in the U.S.A.

He did it!

Make no Excuses and go for it!


8. Expand – Never Contract.

Do you think you’re paying a lot of bills every month?

Are you trying to cut down your budget and decrease monthly expenses?

You’re focused on the wrong thing.


Contraction is for losers.

There’s enough cash for everyone, just sell something that is of equivalent or great value to the money and you’ll be making money in no time.

You think the Rolex is too expensive?

It isn’t, you just don’t have the 10k or 20k yet to spend on a Rolex.

Expand your business, your life and everything.


9. Do What You Fear!

If you’re trying to do something and are fearful, it’s an indicator that it’s the right deal.

If you’re trying to call this girl but are nervous or fearful about the outcome, just pick up the phone and call.

If you’re trying to learn how to swim, it’s about time you jump into the Sea.

Trust me, I did jump into the Sea at a point too.

I feared water for a long time before I actually decided to jump into the deeper part of the pool and swim my way out.

Then I feared the Sea thanks to Jaws, Shark Attacks and other stupid movies.

Guess what I did?

Take a boat into the Sea and jump right in lol

My fear turned into bliss and courage.


10.  Omnipresence.

Be everywhere if you want to be great.

Be the celebrity in your marketplace.

Remember, whatever it is you promote – you’re still selling it to people.

You need to be known!

People are more likely to do business with a celebrity than with a normal person.

With the technology and the resources available for free today such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. you could get famous in no time!

Use these resources and make great things happen.



You either do it or don’t.

Take full control of your life.

Stop the “but’s” and get to work.

(Ace Reddy’s trick to dealing with problems) – Pull out a book and write down all the problems you have or all your excuses and figure out whether they’re really problems or just complaints/excuses. If they’re problems, find a way to deal with them and if they’re just excuses – just keep moving.


Hope you enjoyed this post.


Ace R.

About The Author. Ace is the Undisputed King Of Paid Media, he specialises In driving Millions Of Visitors To Websites through Paid Traffic and Converting These Visitors Into Customers and Clients and Ultimately Generate Profits!

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