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11 Steps Donald Trump Took To Become President!

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How Donald Trump Won The Election!

So Donald Trump is the new American President.

I’ve read a lot of his books and they’re always on point and provide great value.

His books – “Think like a Billionaire” and “The Art of the Deal” were amazing.

Now, I’ve kind of worked hard on breaking exactly what he did to win the election.

Here’s what I learned from Trump that helped him win:-

  1. Be bold.

Trump was the boldest guy we’ve seen.

He was loud, clear and repeated himself again and again without hesitation or reluctance.

This is a trait of a leader.

Bold actions go farther than actions performed out of fear.

The Bold conquers the world.

Trump was 100% certain about him winning the elections and made bold claims.

“I Will Make America Great Again” – I always preached that Bold promises work, and now they actually did.

2. Straight real talk

Trump talks his mind.

There’s usually not a lot of planning.

Or even if there was, he appears like he’s talking his mind.

He’s straight in the way he talks and gets straight to the point.

Doesn’t care about who’s offended, who loves him, etc.

He just talks and moves on.

He talks his mind and people feel that’s authentic.

People have been craving for an authentic leader for ages and there’s this guy who appears authentic.

People would rather choose an authentic and real leader over someone who is delusional but nice.

While Everyone around him was lying, he kept it real (atleast in his head)

3. He knew his target market and the system.

He knew the system on the back of hand.

He knew how the electoral voting system works, he knew where his haters were, he knew where they loved him – he avoided the places where his haters were and they went to places where the majority of the people supported him.

He knew he would win the chair through electoral votes.

4. He blamed the common enemy.

Everyone believes in conspiracy theories and believes that media manipulates everything.

He captivated on that belief and spoke about how they do indeed manipulate the world and people.

Trump was seen as this hero fighting against the dark world of politics.

This hero identity or character he built for himself made him president.

5. Omnipresence.

Trump was everywhere.

Everyday you switch on the news, or even open up Google you’d find a negative news of Trump.

He did whatever it took to get attention.

I wouldn’t be surprised if he himself would’ve leaked those tapes.

He gots lots of attention initially and then started converting this attention into votes.

He really mastered the art of building a sales funnel, lol.

He got tons of traffic and then converted this traffic into sales.

6. Social Proof.

Trump was the King of Social Proof and using testimonials.

He had multiple black people, mexicans, Indians, whites and even Gay people give him testimonials and then he marketed these testimonials aggressively so people could relate with the people that made these testimonials.

Trump exploited the concept of social proof to get votes and he did a damn good job at it.

He understood a lot of influence tactics that most Politicians have no idea about.

He’s a business person and he should know these tactics and strategies.

8. He is a master of Show Business.

Trump has always been about Show Business.

He has portrayed a “larger than life Image of himself”

He potrayed himself as being this guy who has the best women, best cars, best life, best home and one of the most luxurious businesses ever.

Everything he did was moving his image forward.

Him dressing up in expensive suits, travelling in style with a bunch of bodyguards, etc.

All adds to the show.

Best show business person I’ve ever seen is Trump, he became a TV personality so he can get attention.

If there’s one thing you learned from this video – it should be – Court Attention at all costs.

9.Social Media.

Trump was tweeting at 3 AM in the morning.

The guy is 70 years old but still uses social media to get reach and attention because it works.

Do what works not what you want to do.

Social media works and Trump used it.

He stirred up controversy and shit on his enemies and competition through Social Media.

10. Brutally attacked Haters and Competition.

Trump put his competition to shames.

He attacked his haters aggressively.

He said they were all a part of a “conspiracy” which again played on people’s present beliefs.

I decided to brutally attack my competition on social media.

11.  His mind was set on the goal

He wanted to win, period.

He wasn’t aiming to fail or lose.

He wanted to win and he was committed to to do anything to win.

Everyone was against him, he had tons of haters, a lot of hollywood celebs wouldn’t take him serious, the media bashed him but who had the last laugh, huh?


12. Get haters!

Haters got him attention.

His fans weren’t talking about him everywhere, his haters were.

The enemies of his haters would vote trump because an enemy of a enemy is a friend.

he was skilled and created a lot of controversy to gain haters.

These were some of the main things Trump did to win the election!

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