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Alright lol it’s time to cover this controversial topic.

Most people on Assassins Creed forums seem to hate AC3 for some reason.

However, the game has a 85% rating on Metacritic whereas AC4 BlackFlag (considered to best AC game on the forums) has only 83%.

I’ve played both so I felt it would be great to review this game.

Alright so let make a few points here : –


I loved the story!

I actually loved playing Haytham Kenway, but it was sad to see Conor fighting his father.

It was however a very interesting storyline.

We also got to see the rise of George Washington and the fall of the templar governance.

I only hated the part where Desmond Miles dies, it’s pretty confusing.

Overall, I’d rate the story 9/10.



The Gameplay was pretty good actually.

The combat system was the same as AC2 which is pretty cool! (not really a fan of AC unity style combat systems)

The horse riding was sort of boring honestly since it wasn’t really as fast a horse honestly lol

The hunting missions were good, great animals and the hunting was fun, esp the bears.

The Parkour system was a bit problematic (AC Unity style parkour system was much better).

Stealth missions were pretty fun.

Overall, I’d rate the gameplay 8/10.


Playable Characters.

Conor Kenway :-

I initially hated playing as Conor since he just sucked for some reason but in the later part he gets interesting.

He’s probably the most aesthetic assassin which is pretty cool!

Direct combat with Conor was cool.

The weapons he used (Arrows, etc.) were cool and stealthy compared to a gun.


Haytham Kenway – 

I loved playing as Haytham honestly.

He had great sword fighting skills too.

I still choose to think that Haytham is much stronger and skilled compared to Conor.

He was pretty old at the end of the game when Conor kills him.


Overall, I’d rate the Playable Characters a staggering 10/10.

And I’d rate the game – 9/10. 


Let me know what you think in the comments below!


Screen Shot 2017-03-04 at 4.31.19 PM

Ok so I get it…

We all have typos when we’re messaging other people.

The Receiver of the message usually reads between the lines so we don’t care about it a lot.

But what if I told you that a singly typo cost companies over $150 million Dollars in business rev.


Did you remember that Amazon Servers were down last week?

A lot of major websites such as Business Insider, Quora, Chef, Citrix, Codecademy, Coursera, Cracked, Docker, Expedia, Expensify, Giphy, Heroku, Home Chef, iFixit, IFTTT, Imgur, isitdownrightnow.com, etc. were effected.

How did this happen?

Well, a certain employee tried a trick to speed up the S3 Cloud Storage Billing System and tried to take a few servers offline but instead he accidentally messed up and took down a lot of servers lol

This happened because he typed a single line of code in the wrong way.

Here’s what we must learn from this….

A lot of us Affiliate Marketers still build our landers and everything else manually through Php or Html.

We NEED To double check our codes every fucking time.

Trust me,

I’ve ripped off landers of other people and ran them – just to find out that their Aff link was still in it lol.

I hired a guy to spend time analyzing every line of code to make sure everything is alright.

ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS Make sure your system is functioning properly before you start the ads.

If you can’t do it yourself all the time – hire someone else to do it.

Imagine running $2,000 worth of traffic just to find out your system had an error and wasn’t functioning properly.

Don’t be an idiot – perfect the little things.



Ace Reddy!

Source of the article – https://wn.wsj.com/stories/e780b780-2d54-454b-9de4-6c0f8cd9aa93.html


The Rise Of AI in Advertising!3Do You Currently Advertise Your Business Online?

This post is for you!

If you’re currently doing Affiliate Marketing, CPA Marketing, or just trying to advertise your own products and services online…Read this post!

As I’ll show you exactly how A.I. is changing the advertising game and how you can use it for your advantage.

Before we even go there….let me tell you what inspired this idea.

A few days ago lol I was quarrelling with this girl I liked.

I was about to get super caught up with doing things…so I had to find a way for her to talk to me even though I’m not there.

Which is when I had this weird idea.

Of creating a bot that’ll talk to her.

I spent 2 hours inserting rules and putting together the bot ( www.chatfuel.com can be used to build it)

ANNNNNDDDDD she loved it!

Of course it couldn’t beat direct contact because a bot is still a bot.

But she did interact with the bot (and will continue to do so lol) for hours!

It took me just two hours!

Ok now out of the loverboy mode and back to business mode.

How can we use this new feature to dominate the marketplace?


Build BOTS that’ll help you INCREASE your sales!

Build a bot that’ll answer your customers questions, automatically answer objections, close them on buying something and then upselling them something.

How can Coaches and Consultants use this new feature?


Build a bot that’ll answer most of your clients objections and close them on making a purchase OR close them on talking to you so you can guide them through the sale.

I’ll do a video training on this later. 

According to Facebook – 53% of people are more likely to shop with a business they can message!

“PM Me” style CTA works better than “fill out the app form”.

Now they can go through the webinar, message your page, your bot indoctrinates you, answers questions and then forwards them to your assistant or you directly so you can step in and close.

You can also create a bot that’ll help your clients!

You can ask people to leave comments on your post and then have a bot follow up with them.

You can run “Sponsored message” ads to broadcast advertising messages to people your bot has already spoken to.


In the Next Post, I’ll show you a few more examples of how you can use bots to dominate your field and be known as an expert.


Ace Reddy – The Undisputed King Of Paid Media.



Screen Shot 2017-03-02 at 10.43.38 PM

If you have a business partner that says we need to find ways to beat the competition, get rid of him.

Domination is key.

Even in the Affiliate Marketing/CPA business.

Securing an EDGE is not only important but also a necessity if you want to make real money in Affiliate Marketing.

What is an EDGE?

It can be something that instantly positions you head and shoulders over the rest of the crowd.

An Unique Angle….

An Unique High Converting Pre-sell lander….

A higher payout…

or anything that really gives you this elevation over the rest of the fuckers pushing the same offer.

Develop a solid edge.

If you keep working on how to compete –  you’ll never find that edge.

If you look for ways to rig the whole game and be on the top – you’ll find it.

Be the person that focuses on domination rather than kiddo competitions.

Develop relationships with Merchants or Vendors to get access to exclusive offers, higher payouts, etc. and then crush your competition.



Ace Reddy – The Undisputed King of Paid Media.


JackHere are the steps: –

  1. Choose a High Converting Offer! (Could be a CPA offer, MLM or Bizopp, etc.)
  2. Build a Landing Page (AlWAYS Build a list when you’re running solo ads)
  3. Use a Bold Claim on the Landing Page.
  4. Setup An E-mail Sequence for 7 Days.
  5. Write 3+ Broadcast Emails a Day and Shoot. (Goal is to appear #1 in their inbox)
  6. Promote Your Offer in EVERY EMAIL.
  7. Use Stories.
  8. Find A Reliable Solo Ad Provider.
  9. Provide him the Email Copy (The Email Copy or Ad is the only thing you can control so create it yourself)
  10. CASH IN!



Ace Reddy – The Undisputed King Of Paid Media.


Screen Shot 2017-03-04 at 12.05.52 AM

For Ages the MLM industry hugely relied on Solo Ads.

All top MLM’s recommended solo ads as the go to traffic source since it was simple to use.

Solo Ad guys and MLM guys worked together for ages to scam innocent unsuspecting newbies out of their hard earned cash.

Yeah Solo Ad Providers were very close friends of Top MLM Leaders.

They worked together to scam people lol

No disrespect to my Solo Ad Provider friends who are legit.

But again, the real question is – do they still work?


Here’s the thing though…

Most Solo Ad Sellers are now scummy af.

Their Lists are dead.

Most Solo Ad Sellers who were amazing a few years ago now sell scummy clicks.

What are “Scummy Clicks”?

Have you ever seen those Emails which say “Your Deposit is here, click here to claim” or “Free money in your bank”?

Those are solo ad salesman spamming you for clicks lol

Lots of unsuspecting newbies out there do pay for these clicks.

People Probably pay like $0.60- even $3 (Ultra Premium Scumbag price).

The Key Rule To Make Solo Ads work for you is to find a legit seller.

In our mastermind, we have a Rolodex with a few solo ad sellers listed in it.

These are people we trust.

But anyway, I can suggest a few solo ad sellers.

You have to message me for that though.

But yes, the answer to the question is – YES, Solos do work if you make them work.

In the next post I’ll show you the step by step plan to make Solos Work for you!


Ace Reddy –  The Undisputed King Of Paid Media.



There’s lots of people out there talking about how they’re making $10k  a day selling stuff.

The only problem is they never show you their adspend.

Most of these clowns don’t make shit.

Even if they, their profit margins are either non existent or low af.

Lots of these people spend $15k to make $100k.

Do you want to know how?

Spend $15k to make $8k through CPA or E-com or whatever.

Then teach people how to make $8k.

Sell High End Coaching Programs.

This is an epidemic in this industry.

People who’ve made no money make thousands of dollars teaching other people to make money.

Some of them even show people how to make thousands teaching others to make thousands…..and so on.



If a person is spending $3k/day to collect data it’s cool as long as he doesn’t do it every day lol.

Profits are what we’re in this industry for.

Not just to spend money and get it back.

If you find a campaign making you a little bit of profits or breaking even….squeeze the profits out.

Split test the colors, headlines, etc.

Reduce the bids.

Slightly Modify the copy.

Do whatever the fuck it takes to increase profits.

Profits drive a business forward.

Anyone that says wishing for profits is evil doesn’t make any money.

Cash is king especially in advertising.

Your numbers represent a lot.

Brand advertising is another word for laziness.

Most companies are now moving on to direct response advertising rather than brand advertising.

You as CPA/Affiliate Marketers must focus on the profits!

Get that paper!



Ace Reddy –  The Undisputed King Of Paid Media.


Suit & Tie

I want to start this post by debunking the myth that High Payout offers = More Money.

It is absolutely false.

Higher Payouts don’t equal more money.

ROI is king, not payouts.

“But Ace…don’t you get an amazing ROI when you’re promoting an offer that pays out $50 than an offer that pays out $3?”

Not really.

Most higher payout offers would require a higher amount of testing.

Infact if you’re a newbie on a shoe string budget – lower payout offers can trump higher payout offers.

Why so?

Let me put it this way…

Let’s say your campaigns are on a -50% ROI.

Example 1 – Higher Payout Offer

Payout  = $50.

Ad spend = $100.

Return = $50.

Loss = $50.

You’ll need atleast 10 sales to really find out if your combination works. (Combo of The Right Angle + The Right offer)

So, you’ll be spending $1,000.

To lose $500 and figure out that you’re running on a -50% ROI.


Example 2 – Lower Payout Offer.

Payout = $3.

ROI = -50%.

Adspend = $6.

Return  = $3.

Loss = $3.

You’ll need atleast 10 sales to really find out if your combination works. (Combo of The Right Angle + The Right offer)

So, you’ll be spending $60 to lose $30 and figure out that you’re running on a -50% ROI.


You didn’t lose $500 in this case but JUST $30.

ROI is king.

If you’re running an offer at +50% ROI.

You spend $100 on both the lower and the higher payout offers.


Example 1 – Higher payout.

Adspend – $100.

ROI – +50%.

Payout = $50.

Profit = $50.


Example 2 – Lower Payout.

Adspend – $100.

ROI – +50%.

Payout = $3.

ROI of +50% on $3 is $1.5.

1.5 x 100 = $150.

Profit = $50.


So, as you can see above.

They’re technically producing the same income levels.

Remember the Golden Rule – ROI is king.

Results talk while theory walks.

I would test out lower payout offers if you’re on a shoe string budget and test out higher payout ones once you start making some money.



Ace Reddy – The Undisputed King Of Paid Media.


What do most people do when they’re not making money?

Spend more money on traffic.

Is that the right thing to do?

Yes if you want to end up bankrupt, lol.

No seriously, that is a major blunder.

Traffic is fuel.

A good funnel is an engine.

If your car lacks either of those concepts, your car won’t move.

If you’re not making money driving traffic to your funnels, it’s probably because: –

  1. Your Funnel is weak and doesn’t convert.
  2. Your Traffic quality is thrash.
  3. Both your funnel and traffic is thrash.

How do you turn things around?

First start by testing a few different traffic sources on low budgets.

If you don’t generate any results after testing a few different traffic sources, recreate the funnel.

Change the offer, Pre-sell landers, etc.


In any case, testing is key!

If you can test more than your competition, you WILL make more money.

If you can 10x your tests, you WILL Crush your competition.



Ace Reddy – The Undisputed King Of Paid Media.



Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 5.58.37 am


I travel a lot myself.

But I travel Luxuriously!

In the short video below I’m going to show you the reasons why I hate people that refer to themselves as “Travelpreneurs” and swindle money from you.


Here’s the thing with being a travelpreneur and travelling the world.


Or even develop.

You can only maintain.

If you’re making $10k/m.

You’ll continue to make $10k/m or might drop down to $500/m or even zero if you keep travelling the world.

There’s no way you can increase the income while travelling.

My Buddy Chris shared his view on this too.

Screen Shot 2017-02-27 at 10.32.54 PM


Don’t trust the MLM fucks that claim to be so called “Travel Preneurs” and Travel the world.

They make money creating those videos and tricking you.

These delusional fucks won’t stop as long as you keep buying into their fake promises.

Let’s change this world for the better!



Ace Reddy – The Undisputed King Of Paid Media.